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    Default Like a moth to its Flame

    This is part of the "Ring-plot". Ferron is MIA and Elyssa is trying to find a way to get her daughter back into her life.

    Like a moth to its Flame

    Serpents Head Inn, Khemi
    The candlelight lit the walls of the room, spreading a nice warm light over the room. Elyssa looked around in the Inn for a free seat. She found one in the middle of the room, a small table and some cushion on the carpet claded floor. Once seated there she waved to the serving girl.

    "Greetings... would you like to eat or drink something?" The serving girl bowed politely.

    "I would ask for a pitcher of your fine white wine."

    "As you wish..." The girl disappeared and when she returned she placed a goblet of white wine on the round table. “There...”

    Elyssa picked up a few coins and placed them on the table for the serving girl. “Thank you”

    A man rose from the next table and approached Elyssa. She nodded at him. He wore ordinary robes and held a book in his hand. When he got closer he smiled at her. “Evening”


    “At last, my time is too short to stay. But I would like to hear your name before I leave for the night.”

    “My name is lady Elyssa.....” She crocked a brow, slightly puzzled by his interests in her. “May I ask of yours?”

    “Well met then Lady...” He nodded polite to her. “My name is Ameneas Ventris”

    “May the gods smile at you.” Elyssa bowed her head courteous.
    Ameneas chuckled. “If they don't forget me, I suppose they do. But as I said, I have to leave now, but knowing your name now. I think our next meeting will be longer.” He bowed to her and made ready to walk away. Elyssa bowed her head in respect once again before he left. She contemplated for a while of what he meant but did not reach any conclusion.

    She sipped her wine and looked relaxed and even happy. In her corner of her eye she caught Balorac glancing over his shoulder at her with a strange look in his eyes. Then her vision got blocked by the serving girl.

    “Greetings my lady...My name is Aelandra” The girl bowed submissively. “I'm here tonight as your personal slave, everything has been paid for!”

    Elyssa looked up at Aelandra and shook her head. “I’m quite fine. Just bring me another goblet of wine when this is empty...” She stopped and frowned a bit surprised. “Everything paid for???”

    “Yes my lady everything…”

    “Who do I owe this service?” Elyssa looks a bit puzzled.

    “It was from the kind man who was talking to you awhile ago...” Aelandra bowed again.

    “ohhh. I see...“ In fact Elyssa could but guess why Ameneas had arranged it for her so she nodded at Aelandra and seemed to be interested in the wall behind the girl.

    “So my lady... Is there anything I can do for you?”

    “Please....just fill my wine when it’s empty...” Elyssa smiled at the girl.

    “As you wish my lady…“ Aelandra bowed and sat down on the cold stone floor and awaiting for the goblet to run empty.

    Elyssa leaned back on her arms and pulled her legs in under her. She watched the room while sipping her wine. Some people moved from table to table, while others sat comfortable on the floor discussing, drinking and eating. The volume was loud, but not uncomfortable. It was relaxing. And it might have been her relaxing mood that made her raise her goblet in a toast towards Balorac when she saw him walking down the stairs. She caught his eyes and he looked at her for a long moment, smiling a secretive smile. When he turned away and engrossed himself in a discussion with Aleterus, she let her gaze wandered in the room studying the different groups. She discovered Zorann and Seichan in the corner and let her gaze linger by them, following their argument. She assumed it was one since Seichan waved her arms and seemed quite upset at the man. Upset and yet maybe something more..? Elyssa could not but smile and her gaze returned to and linger on Baloracs back and over to Aleterus. She was pondering. Maybe I should pour oil on troubled waters?

    “Girl...“ She waved Aelandra to her with a smile on her lips.

    Aelandra stood up quickly and bowed. “Yes my lady?”

    "Please... Fetch your finest brandy and walk over to the man with his back at us. And serve it to him. He is wearing the blue cape." Elyssa gestured in the direction of Balorac and Aleterus.

    As Seichan walked past Elyssas table she overheard the conversation and Elyssas request to the serving girl. She glanced shortly at Balorac and then back to Elyssa. Wit not so much as a hint of either displeasure or consent she walked on and out of the Inn. Balorac glanced over his shoulder at Elyssa, with... was it desire in his eyes?

    “As you command my lady...“ Aelandra bowed and walked away to fetch the brandy. It did not take her long to come back. “My lady... The man in the blue cape says, thank you!” She bowed again with a slight smile.

    Elyssa leaned just slightly to the side and glanced past the girl and saw that Baloracs face for some reason turned a ruddier shade of pink. She smiled at Aelandra and said softly. "Thank you. Sit down and have some rest."

    “As you command, my lady!” She went and sat by the corner.

    Elyssa sipped her wine with a slight smug smile on her lips. Let’s see how things work out. From her corner Aelandra looked at the goblet and to her lady, waiting for the next command. Elyssa noticed Aelandras look and said low. “If you want you can fetch me some grapes?”

    Aelandra stood up quickly and tugged a bit in her shirt. “As you command my lady...” She smiled kindly and bowed before she hurried away. When she came back she placed on the round table a silver plate with grapes on it. “Anything else my lady?”

    “Here, take these.” Elyssa took a handful of grapes and gave them to her with a friendly smile.

    Aelandra took the grapes with both hands and smiled happily. “Thank you my lady... you are most kind!” She went and sat by her spot with the grapes in hand. She brought the grapes near her nose and smelled them, her face bright with happiness as she picked one and tasted it slowly while closing her eyes with delight. She took another grape and ate it slowly savouring the taste, when done she licked her fingers before eating one more.

    Over at the alcove at the other end of the room Balorac shook hands with Aleterus for some reason. Elyssa looked at them with interest. Something is happening. She diverted her gaze to a couple entering the room, a tall woman, only dressed in what could be described as a harem outfit, see-through fabric and long sweeping skirts. The man beside her took a hold of her wrist and pulled her into the room. Elyssa felt a wave of thick perfume when the two walked past her.

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    Default Like a moth to its Flame, Part II

    This is part of the "Ring-plot". Ferron is MIA and Elyssa is trying to find a way to get her daughter back into her life.

    Like a moth to its Flame, Part II

    Balorac cleared his throat and said low. “Lady Elyssa” He looked at Elyssa, with almost boyish shyness.

    Elyssa looked up from her wine and smiled slightly. She had not seen him crossing to room to her. “What do I owe this honour?”

    Aelandra looked up to the man in the blue cape and stood quickly while stuffing the rest of the grapes in one of her pockets.

    Balorac glanced past Elyssa at a man in one of the alcoves beside her table and then back to her. “My thanks for the brandy. If it is alright I will join you later.”

    Elyssa looked at him slightly surprised. Is he shuffling his feet? She had no idea what to make of his behaviour and let one hand play with the edge of her wine glass.

    “Unless you have other plans...”Balorac let his voice trail off, still looking at her with an almost tender gleam in his eyes.

    The man from the alcove rose and walked by Balorac touching his shoulder. “I can come back later.” He said with a silky voice.

    “Well, you’re always welcome...” What is it he is after? He behaves so completely different from the last time I met him? Elyssa thought.

    “I could join you now, if you like.” Balorac said watching the man walking away towards the outer room.

    Elyssa showed on one of the pillows beside her. “Unless you require some more private quarters?”

    Balorac blinked “Private...”

    To late Elyssa realised her blunder and she blinked as well. “Oh I’m sorry...”

    “This will do just nicely... unless... private?” Balorac looked a bite flustered.

    Elyssa tried to smooth things over. “I’m sorry. I made you uncomfortable... Please... Can I serve you something?” She pointed on the fruit at the table.

    “Lady Elyssa, I could forgive you more than that. I will gladly accept another brandy, but I insist to pay for it, and for your wine.”

    Elyssa glanced at Aelandra and smiled to herself. “I think it’s already paid for...”

    “Forgive me for talking, good sir, but everything is paid for.” Aelandra bowed deep. “I'll get you the brandy...” She smiled kindly and hurried away.

    “Oh... in that case my thanks.”

    Once back Aelandra placed a goblet of brandy in front of Balorac. “Anything else, my lady?”

    Balorac took the brandy and nodded politely at Aelandra, and then he returned his attention to Elyssa. “So tell me lady Elyssa... how have you been, here in Khemi I mean?”

    Elyssa gave Aelandra an approving smile while watching the girl sitting down at her spot in the corner. Turning back to Balorac she nodded and smiled at him. “It is always a pleasure to visit here.”

    “When you said, private... did you... did you mean with me?” Balorac looked at once very insecure.

    “Well... It was kind of crowded here... But it seems the customers moved on...” Elyssa picked up a grape and eats it while she looked around the room in order to give Balorac some time to compose himself.

    “Yes, of course you meant that...” Balorac sipped his brandy and there was a lingering tone of disappointment in his voice.

    “I could not stop from noticing that you made seemed to have made a good deal today?” Elyssa took another sip finishing her goblet.

    Aelandra rose to her feet as soon she saw the empty goblet. “Another wine, my lady?” Elyssa nodded at Aelandra and the girl took away the empty goblet.

    “Deal? Yes... yes.” Balorac nodded. “Nothing special really, just delivering a service and all...”

    “It looked like a good deal way from over here at least.” Elyssa said smiling.

    Aelandra placed a new goblet of wine in front of Elyssa and sat back on her spot.

    “Yes... it was not too bad... Speaking of privacy... If you want I want rather like to invite you to visit my den at some point in the future? It is rather interesting from a cultural perspective and all...”

    Elyssa frowned. I get an invite? Something is not right here. She looked at him and made a quick decision. What do I have to lose If I honest? “I must ask... You did not seem so happy to see me when we parted last time... Forgive me, but it made me quite curios why?

    “Oh that...” Balorac twirled the brandy in his glass.

    “And NOW you’re inviting me...?” Elyssa looked at him with a friendly but curios smile.

    “I was having a bad day, lady Elyssa. And I regrettably took it out on you.” He pauses. “But tell me that... why did I receive this fantastic brandy from you? It is not as if I have been very congenial to you...”

    “You brought up some things that would make a man like you...” Elyssa made a sweeping gesture. “...hunt down people for less.” She peered at him slightly, not buying his manoeuvre. “I don’t have any ties to the Fearghal Clan. Those bonds got severed with the death of Ferron. The man you mention with such hatred before.”

    “Well, you may be right there... What? Is Ferron dead?”

    “Yes, he is...” Elyssa looked at him without any emotions showing.

    “I am in the strange situation of feeling sorry for the death of an enemy. Isn't that peculiar?”

    Elyssa tilted her head slightly and added reluctantly. “Maybe, depends on the reason.” She smiled a little.

    “In any case I am sorry for your loss. It is never easy when that happens...”

    “Thank you.” Elyssa seemed to be very calm and relaxed even due to the subject.

    Balorac seemed for a moment lost in thought over his drink. “It seems we are in a similar situation.”

    “It might seem that way.”

    “Both hurt by loss... both lonely...”Balorac sipped his brandy without looking up.

    Elyssa frowned a bit. Why would he say such a thing to me? He doesn’t know me. To hide her thoughts she picked up the full wine glass and tried to study Balorac. “You still did not answer my question earlier... Not quite.”

    “What question was that?” Balorac meet her eyes.

    “You seemed to have changed your mind about me. And I’m not sure why...” A straight question, no chances to duck, my friend.

    “That...” Balorac knocked back his brandy and the yellow fluid spread quickly over the table. “Is because...” He slowly rose to his feet without looking at her.
    “I feel strongly attracted to you and that makes up for strange decisions.”

    Elyssa could but stare at him. He evaded her eyes and turned his back to her, making it impossible for her to read him. She was quite taken of what he said to her. It’s a trick! He must know.

    “Have a nice evening, lady Elyssa. May the gods be merciful to you. I know there are not to me...” he threw the goodbye to her over his shoulder and sighed when he did not get any reply from her. Shortly afterwards he continued to walk towards the exit.

    Elyssa was clearly genuinely surprised and sat quiet looking after him, with a slight open mouth. Have all the men in Khemi gone mad?

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    Default Old entry from Balorac

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    Originally Posted by Angel-of-Sins View Post
    Have all the men in Khemi gone mad?

    *smiles sweetly*

    Fasten seat belts, we are about to hit some turbulence.


    Love your writings and it's thrilling to be a part of them, my dear Elly.

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    Default Reserved

    Reserved for future use
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    Default Like a Moth to its Flame, Part IV

    Part of the "Ring-plot". Ferron is MIA and Elyssa is trying to find a way to get her daughter back into her life.

    This was so much fun to do, thanks everybody!!! It was a pure joy to rp with you!

    Like a Moth to its Flame, Part IV

    Serpents Head Inn, the next day.
    “But I thirst for more than just the parchment of the Temple of set, I want to - explore more so to speak.”

    “Oh... What is that if I may ask?” Elyssa smiled at the man in front of her. He had introduced himself as Rekar and offered her to share some wine at his table.

    “Ah, Understanding maybe or even power perhaps? No my dear lady, simple curiosity will suffice.”

    “Simple curiosity?” She smiled an encouraging smile.

    “Indeed. So, why did you leave the Menfyt?”

    “My clan called me home...” For a short moment she remembered the day when Calidius had handed her the parchment telling her to hurry home, and the horrible news that awaited her there. She shrugged to get rid of the emptiness spreading through her, shutting it out so it would not take hold. She faked a smile and returned her attention to Rekar.

    “Your clan?” Rekar looked confused for a second. “I see.”

    A blond man, tanned from spending countless hours outside under the sun walked passed their table and leaned himself on one of the pillars, sipping his wine and watching over where the courtesans stood. Elyssa recognised him immediately.

    “But you could say one never really leaves the Menfyt...” She glanced at Aleterus. Her words had a double meaning; something that did not passed Rekar unnoticed.

    “No one really leave such servitude I guess.” Rekar filled in.

    “Not quite...”

    “Ever.” He finished her sentence and then chuckled at his own foolishness.

    “What are your experiences with the priesthood then?” Elyssa asked curiously.

    “Total servitude.” Rekar scowled just for a moment at some memory. Aleterus whistled to a waitress and handed her a goblet to refill. Rekar turned towards the noise and a grin spread over his face. ”What? Aleterus! Come here you fool!”

    Aleterus blinked twice. “Ehhr?”

    “You know him as well as I do?” Rekar turned to Elyssa while she in her turn started to rise.

    “You are the last person that will call anyone fool.” Aleterus stack out his tongue and moved closer to them.

    Rekar rose as well. “Ah, but what I am not ignoring an old friend am I, Aleterus?”

    Elyssa greeted her former brother in arms from the Menfyt with a polite bow.

    “Join us maybe?” Rekar looked at Elyssa. “If the lady agrees, of course.”

    “Good evening Elyssa, long time to see.” Aleterus bowed slightly.

    “Yes indeed, long time.”

    “All the better.” Rekar smiled to both of them.

    Elyssa gestured slightly to one of the pillows, welcoming Aleterus to their table and she sat down herself when Aleterus did.

    “I see you returned to the land of sand and snakes, Elyssa.” Aleterus said with a smile in the corner of his mouth.

    “I have been back to Khemi many times... I grew a liking to the country, even though I did not part with the Prophet in the best of terms.” Elyssa ran a hand through her hair and pulled some loose strands behind one of her ears.

    “Imoteph is the past... his own arrogance leads him to the end like this.” Aleterus stated plainly and without much emotion.

    “I have heard as much...” Elyssa leaned forward to pick up her goblet.

    “Now it is money that rules Khemi, not words or oaths.” Aleterus smiled like he said something funny.

    Elyssa tilted her head. “Explain?”

    Aleterus inclined forward. “The Priesthood is losing its power in Khemi, and rich lords and merchants are acquiring it, without hesitation.”

    Rekar shook his head. “Sad, But the Priesthood will regain its powers again ... I'm sure.”

    “You have coins - you are as welcome here as sunshine, you don't - well, you are in troubles then.” Aleterus leaned back looking pleased. “Good things that both me and Rekar are not in troubles.” He started to grin at Rekar.

    Rekar chuckled “Hardly.”

    Elyssa smiled some. “I have heard that there has been a great influence of one single trading corporation?” Elyssa looked at Aleterus for confirmation.

    Rekar settled his eyes upon Elyssa. “What trading company are you referring to?”

    “All I have heard is that it’s not whole stygian.” She continued.

    “I would say - it is national independent now...” Aleterus said.

    Their conversation got interrupted by someone who was clearing his throat. Elyssa looked up and spotted Balorac looking down at her from across the table. Well well, look what the cat dragged in….

    “Gentlemen. Excuse me for a slight moment......” Elyssa rose up, her eyes fixated at Balorac and the smile on her lips was all warmly and welcoming.

    Rekar looked over his shoulder and nodded politely to Balorac. “As you wish milady.”

    Balorac nodded back to Rekar and Aleterus. Aleterus raised his hand in a short greeting before he engulfed himself in a conversation with his old friend, exchanging experiences. Elyssa could faintly Rekar ask Aleterus. “So what brought you to Khemi friend? We meet in Aqulionia just few moons ago.” She ignored them, having a bigger fish in front of her. Elyssa smiled, almost beamed, at Balorac while she walked up to him.

    Balorac looked at her uncertainly. “Shall we walk for a moment?”
    It made Elyssa smile inside. She was close to him now and held out her left hand as to stroke his cheek.....ever smiling.

    Balorac looked down at her, a bit flustered and said haltingly. “I... think we should walk a little, you and me.”

    Elyssas right hook came up swiftly as she landed a swing at his jaw. “Did you think I was that easy?” Trying to ensnare me with yearning glances. Like that would work!

    Balorac felt the fist connect to his face and blinked and staggered backward. “That was a first class punch, my dear.”

    Furiously Elyssa followed up with a slight tackle when she was passing him. “Never ever... Take me for easy...” Her tone was chilly, quite a contrast to the warmth she showed him earlier.

    Balorac fell backward and hit the floor with a thud. His armour squeaked when he pushed himself up in sitting position. He grinned and looked up at her, his feral eyes gleaming. “I would have been disappointed, if you had been... easy...”

    Elyssa left Balorac on the floor, turning her back at him, without even a single glance.

    Aleterus looked over where Elyssa and Balorac were and smirked. “He he, that is the explanation of Elyssa's return.”

    Aleterus leans closer to Rekar and said in a low voice. “Balorac always had weakness for red-haired northern girls.”

    “Fearsome that one.” Rekar chuckled and nudged Aleterus side with his elbow.

    “Gentlemen, I bid you a goodnight...Until next time” Elyssa bowed at Aleterus and Rekar with a tense expression.

    “Goodnight, Elyssa” Aleterus smiled knowingly at her.

    Balorac wiped away the trickle of blood from his bust lip. “I trust I am not welcome at your table then?” He slowly rose to his feet.

    Rekar stood up. “Until next time, my dear lady” He bowed slightly at her.

    Elyssa smiled at Rekar, a bit forced, but yet polite.

    “I wish you farewell.” He smiled back at her.

    And then Elyssa turned on her heels and walked out with swaying hips. The last thing she heard was Balorac and Rekar talking friendly to each other. She cared less; he could burn on the stake for what it was worth.

    “That was a good left hook. I am actually scared to walk outside now...” Balorac cracked his jaw and rubbed his left chin with his hand.

    Rekar motions to the pillow. “After such a swing to the jaw, I guess you need to sit down - come join us.”

    She could not get out of the Inn quickly enough! Well on the outside she could relax and she leaned on the wall, trying to still her anger. Breathe, girl... Breathe! She closed her eyes and stayed that for a while letting her anger subside.

    Balorac glanced at Elyssas back with a grin in his eyes. “I suppose I owe you an apology for making you think you were easy... of something...”

    Elyssa turned the moment she heard his voice and glanced back at him with a crocked brow. She had been too angry to even thinking that he would follow her outside. Damn that man….

    “I will however not apologise for liking you, dear Elyssa.”

    “You did not get my message....” The look in her eyes was icy. She did not buy for a moment that he was sincere.

    “Loud and clear, milady.” Balorac smiled defiantly and moved closer to her.

    When he came to close for her comfort she placed a hand on his chest and pushed him away. He braced himself against being pushed back and ended up on a close arms lengths from her. He looked down at her hand on his chest and then into her eyes smiling wolfishly.

    “Now that…was a bit disappointing compared to the punch earlier on.”

    Elyssa clenched her jaw and tried to slap him with the back of her right hand, from left and upwards in a wide circle. Balorac interceded with a quick move from his right his left hand, pushing her hand outwards. She gave him a cold stare, lifting her chin.

    “That was a bit predictable, my dear. You will have to do better than that.”

    “I don’t have to do anything.” She met his stare and added mockingly. “For your amusement....” She simply turned her back at him, giving her words a bit more impact, and started to leave down the stairs.

    “That is a bloody shame...” Balorac grinned maliciously and followed her forward until he was right behind her. She ignored him and kept walking. After a few steps Balorac stopped and said derisively.

    “Tread lightly, lady Elyssa. And try not to fool yourself too much...”

    Elyssa stopped in her tracks and whirled around.

    “It turns you sour too quickly.” Balorac added lower.

    “Sourer?” She took a step closer to him. “What??”

    One of the courtesans had come out from the Inn and was standing just above her in the stair. She wore heavy makeup and she looked tired. “.... Could you please not block the steps?”

    Balorac glanced at the girl, it looked like she knew her, and back to Elyssa. “Sour. The opposite of sweet.”

    Elyssa ignored the girl and walked back up, looking malicious. “Sourer?????”

    “Well yes...”

    “The only thing sourer here are the pants you have walked to many days in!!!” Elyssa almost spitted out the words.

    Balorac chuckled. “Fantastic. You are even as eloquent as her...” He looked at her with amusement in his eyes.

    “As her????.. What in earth are you talking about? Have you gone mad?”

    Balorac turned his face blank from feelings and stated toneless. “Never mind, lady Elyssa. This is a private joke at your expense I am not willing to share just yet. But don't let me hold you up: have a fine evening...”

    Elyssa gave him a long stare and Balorac met her stare with amusement and a hint of desire he could not hide. She turned again to continue down the stairs, leaving him with long strides and swaying hips.

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    Default Old entry from Zackita

    Zackita - Dark Templar Stygian // Black Market // English server Aquilonia PvP-RP


    I love your stories. And of course when I know all the main characters it gets even better.

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    Default Old entry from Helshad

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    Originally Posted by Zackita View Post

    I love your stories. And of course when I know all the main characters it gets even better.

    Not to mention the fact your around here... *grabs zack and cuddles her* missed you sweety...

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    Default Like a Moth to its Flame, Part V

    Part of the "Ring-plot". Ferron is MIA and Elyssa is trying to find a way to get her daughter back into her life.

    Like a Moth to its Flame, Part V

    A week afterwards
    Elyssa walked down the short stair to the usual meeting point. Yet another black falcon had landed close to her when she was practising sword kata on the shore of Bubshur. The sand made it hard to move fast and turned the training into something a tad more difficult, then if it were to be executed on plain Cimmerian soil. The bird shrieked and she threw down her sword on the ground and began the tiresome pleasure of catching a carrier bird. It took a while before she could enrol the little paper attached to the falcon’s foot and read what was neatly written there. Its message had been short as usual. Her informant wanted to see her again. So here she was…Looking down at him again. Same spot as always here in Khemi.

    “Well well, lady Elyssa. You look lovely tonight. It is really true what they say...”

    Elyssa looked questioningly at him. “True?”

    “The most beautiful flower blooms in the harshest circumstances...” Sinjaya smiled at her pausing a bit before he continued a bit more sarcastic. “And how has this flower been getting on in acquiring a certain black ring from a certain crime lord?”

    Elyssa shook her head. “For some reason...” She trailed off.

    Sinjaya arched an eyebrow. “Don't tell me you did not manage to charm to old jackal into giving you his most prized possession? With a face like that, a body like that and dressed so... airily?”

    “Oh... He did...” She looked annoyed by his comments. “We got interrupted by the Priesthood... So you see... Ones affairs are never one’s own in Khemi.”

    “I know that part, remember. And you had something else up your very short sleeves, to get the ring that priestess Tanefri had acquired. And now Balorac has that ring again...”

    Elyssa folded her arms in front of her. She was starting to lose patience.

    Sinjaya suddenly turned serious. “I have seen you shake you’re perfectly shaped bottom in Balorac's face until the drewl was running from his lips, but....”


    He came to me. Talking about how difficult it has been for him to obtain the key. How he had tried many times using different methods and not succeeding. And now he scolds me, like a damn arrogant *******. Whatever he is its not genuine. ”I’m getting cold feet…with this...whole thing.” Elyssa said dryly.

    “Don't... Have the ring... “He sighed. “Elyssa, he nearly has managed to decipher the final piece of the puzzle, enabling him to go after the most dreadful treasure in all of Hyboria.”

    “So what is this treasure... Really?” If there even is one...

    Sinjaya shuffled his feet and looked very evasive. “You already have cold feet, I am not sure I should tell you this...”

    Elyssa stayed silent and awaited him out. Her patience awarded her when Sinjaya continued a bit later.

    “Let's sit and I will tell you a story...” Resolutely he sat down and took off his shoes and put his feet in the water.

    Elyssa sat next to him and watched him carefully.
    “You obviously know Zackita, the love of his life and at one time your commander...”

    ”I served under general Zackita, yes.” She nodded slowly.

    “And you know that she was a fervent worshipper of Set, right?”


    “Did you ever learn the true nature of her devotion?”

    “True nature?” She frowned. “How do you mean?”

    “Well, she dedicated her life to Set, but secretly she only worshipped only one aspect of the great old serpent.”

    “No… This is not something that was discussed. Not at least among those I served with.” She shrugged. “We all have or preferences...”

    “The brutality that was embodied by an ancient archfiend called Yig, an avatar of Set or his mother according to some, or just another disguise of Set himself.” He continued.

    “What does this have to do with anything?” Let’s play the game of me not understanding a thing… Make him get inpatient and maybe spills more because he thinks I’m not that bright. Elyssa tried to fake an empty gaze.

    “Well, according to the writings of a certain sorcerer named Xaltotun, Yig actually walked the earth and that there was a ritual in which to bring him back.”

    “Did Zackita try something.....” She looked at him bewildered.

    “Not Zackita... But the man to whom she was betrothed to be married was planning something 'special' for their marriage... Balorac had been planning this for a while and he didn't figure out the ritual until after Zackita's death.”

    “But how does the key fit into the picture?”

    “Well, the one unique component necessary to bring Yig back to life, according to the writings of a Xaltotun, is the Fang of Yig. This is a large fang that allegedly once belonged to the beast that was Yig. Now, purely by accident did Balorac come across a document from an insane explorer named Azred who claimed to have found the current site of the Fang...”

    “And to it he needed a key? The key he now has, according to you...” She glanced at him.

    Sinjaya nodded. “The key allegedly is necessary to get into the inner sanctum.”

    “And in there is this Fang?”

    “The temple he currently uses as his abode was the last known residence of this Azred, before it was turned in to Setite chapel. There he found the key and the map. And yes, with all that he will be able to acquire the Fang.” He looked over the water before he asked slowly. “Do you have any idea what he intends to do once he has the Fang?”

    “Resurrects...Zackita?” She looked like she did no believe him. In fact her suggestion was a mere guess.

    “Unlikely. Yig is not a god of Death, healing and resurrection. It is a god of mayhem and vengeance...”

    “Then I don’t understand.”

    “Vengeance against those he holds responsible for the death of his beloved Zackita...” Sinjaya looked intently at Elyssa. “Tell me this, lady Elyssa, how do you think the brave warriors of Clan Fearghal will fare against an archfiend from before the dawn of mankind? Oh and believe me when I say that past allegiance or current allegiance will not make that much difference for such a weapon of destruction... Believe me when I say that even you will not be safe, if Balorac manages to summon and direct the beast.”

    Elyssa looked at him in shook. “But why would he want to do that to one clan? And why would he do that to me..?” She added lower with a hint of uncertainty in her eyes. “I’m not sure this is something for me anymore....You might need someone that are less involved... emotionally.”

    Sinjaya shrugged. “Because he is convinced that the blow to Zackita's stomach were what caused complications at childbirth and in the end her death. And because Balorac is not known for his consideration of collateral if he goes on a rampage....Blows that were dealt by Einsof, and if I am not mistaken your deceased husband.”

    Elyssa caught some strands of her hair that had blown down in front of her eyes. “He was never my husband.....”

    “Look...The fact is: I have nobody else. I am training my own little army, but it is not by far potent enough to take on the Fist of Blackthorn. If you don't succeed I don't know how to stop Balorac, and that might mean he will succeed. And if he succeeds the blood will flow of many you hold dear.....But maybe I am mistaken here.”

    Elyssa sat silent.

    Sinjaya stirred up the sand in the water with his toes. “Maybe I am totally wrong about Balorac...” He tried to smile.

    “I don’t want to believe he would do such a thing. It does not fit the person I have come to know.” It’s only a small white lie, she told herself.

    Sinjaya shrugged. “Maybe he will simply sell it to the Cult of Set, as he promised them. But I give you this for your consideration...” He looked at her intently.

    Elyssa gazed at him, quite captivated by his story.

    “If somebody came and killed the love of your life and your unborn children in one go, and you had a way to exact your vengeance upon them... Vengeance you had been waiting for, for a long time...”

    Elyssa twitched and looked uneasy. “What has all this to do with me?”

    Sinjaya looked to the sky in desperation. “It all fits like a glove, don't you see...You were the friend of Zackita….You served Set under her.”

    “Yes I did.” Maybe I over did it….? He is getting a bit annoyed. She smiled inwardly.

    “And you were engaged with one of the man he hold responsible for the death of wife….And have befriended the others…..How can you not be involved?”

    She scratched her hand and “Then say me... Why has he changed his mind about me? If he is so set to kill me....”

    Sinjaya threw a small stone out over the water. It splashed through the surface. “I just told you that. You were the friend of his dead woman. And you remind him of her and all the things he liked about her. You are in fact exactly his type. And that's why I asked you to do this.”

    “And yet you’re saying he is set to kill me?”

    Sinjaya shook his head. “Nooo...”

    “He will turn a beast loose on clan Fearghal, if I am not mistaken. And the beast might not be able to distinguish between current and previous Clansmen and women, Elyssa. Does that make any sense?”

    “hmmm.. I do understand what you mean...” She looked a bit graver. The thought of her friends in peril did not lighten her heart. Even though she was not a Fearghal….she had lived together with them and nobody deserved a fate like that. If he was telling the truth that is…..

    “Look, as I said before: I may be totally wrong about this. My information is very circumstantial and they say that information gained by torture can never truly be relied upon...” Sinjaya pursed his lips and nodded his head.

    “Yet, I really don’t feel comfortable with this. It’s not going to end well…”

    Sinjaya shrugged. “I don't know, but I know that the chances of it not ending well will be greater of people like me and you don't act.”

    “I was afraid you would say something like that.” She nodded, slightly unwillingly.

    “If it makes you more happy about it... stopping Balorac from doing what he intends to do could actually save his life and at the very least his soul.”

    Elyssa pondered a bit over that.

    “Not that I have ever summoned an archfiend, but I can imagine something like that changes a man forever.”

    She nodded. “It probably would…” and added almost inaudibly. “…and he would be gone… I cant promise anything....” She looked him in the eyes.

    Sinjaya in his turn looked at Elyssa intently, trying to read her, when the realization hit him. “You are falling for him, aren't you?”

    Elyssa looked up like a dear in hind light. “What?”

    “You are attracted to him...” A wide grin started to spread across his face. “To that grumpy Cimmerian miscreant, who wouldn't know how to charm a lady if his life depended on it….”

    Elyssa shook her head in denial. “You got it all wrong.” She declared it a bit too eagerly.

    “Of course not...” He looked over the water with a sly grin.

    Elyssa frowned but stayed silent.

    “So... my question to you... knowing what you know now, will you try to retrieve the ring?”

    Elyssa nodded still frowning.


    No more words were necessary; she had already grown a bit bored of his manner. Finally, he had shared something with more substance. She left him on the beach and walked away, making her way down to the market. She felt his eyes in her back. Somehow she would do what he asked... But maybe not in the way he thought. She smiled to herself and disappeared into the crowd.

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    It's a pleasure and a privilege to see my twisted little plot slithering it's way so vibrantly through your story like a viper in the grass.

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    *blinks* This was unexpected, half a chapter about me 7 months after I left. This is more and more interesting.

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