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Thread: Introduce yourself!

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    Default New To AOC

    New and don't know squat.


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    Default Back again

    I haven't play for 11 months now but my friend Delred brought me back to Aoc Nice to see friends again in Fury.

    Spunqe load ur sin and start minis i need training

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    I am Bukkithedd, and I'm an AoC-addict!


    Recently (about a month ago) came back to AoC after 8 months pause. Been playing since a week after launch back in 2008, but I'm still a clueless noob when it comes to many things in the game (still haven't seen the inside of quite a few of the dungeons) due to having a very bad case of altitis.

    Have been known to muppet about with RP from time to time as a member of Shadown Company and Invicta back on Wiccana before the merge, but these days I mostly follow a friend and fellow guildie around teaching him about the finer points of Khitai
    Battleaxe Brain Surgeons Rides Again!

    Wharrgharbl (80 Axemurdering maniac Barb)
    Ikoim (80 Conq)
    Hazakahn (80 ToSspot)
    Kegh (80 Beer Shaman)
    Vachir (80 Guardian)
    Mivat (80 Necromancer)
    A horde of other alts...

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    Like Bukkithedd I have been around AoC on and off for years. It is really the only MMO I care anything about. I love the Conan IP and the devs at funcom did a great job of bringing Howard's creation to video game.

    If the game was of lesser quality I wouldn't care as much for it, but outstanding music, art, graphics, combat, makes questing around the various playfields engaging and fun.

    I have rolled different characters, mostly Barbs. I have played with Ranger and Bear Shaman, but the Barb is the one I enjoy the most. Up close and personal is the kind of combat that gets my blood up!

    This game is truly massive, and there is a lot of the game I haven't played much. Many dungeons I never set foot in, especially in the Khitai region. And the desert regions around Stygia I haven't fully explored either.

    This is the first time I have subbed since the game went free to play. This time I plan on getting on the other side of the Great Wall and playing the expansion more thoroughly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antigonus View Post
    I haven't play for 11 months now but my friend Delred brought me back to Aoc Nice to see friends again in Fury.

    Spunqe load ur sin and start minis i need training

    welcome back man, load up ur barb and go slash noobs on dragons ,)
    The Law

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    Cool Greetings

    Sadly, I only discovered AOC a year ago, after searching for something more to my liking.
    I wish I would have found it sooner, because it is exactly what I was looking for.
    Love this game, and haven't looked back since.

    Being anti-social, I was fortunate enough to meet some cool and helpful people early on, which really helps with the confusion we face as a new player in any game. So, in their stead, I have always tried my best to do the same.

    Sure, there is an abundance of......(remembers profanity guidelines)......"jerks" in the game, but overall, I've found that a majority of the "real" AOC gamers are good people.
    "If eyes are the mirror of the soul, you will see I see you."

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    I want to put this topic on the right track again a bit, so I also wanna introduce myself to you My real name is Henry and I am 29 years old, living in the north part in Germany, even north of Hamburg (yeah, it’s still Germany and not Denmark^^).

    I am playing AoC since beginning of 2009 now and started my carrier in this game on the German rpg-pvp server Asgard with my little gimpy conq called “Catholyn”. Even though I had no clue at all about the mechanics of AoC and I nearly got farmed every day, I really had a lot of fun back these days. It was just the atmosphere which this game had which let me love it more and more. There was really nice fights on Asgard between the gankers, mostly “Düsteres Schicksal and Vorboten” and the anti-gankers like “Heldenblut” which I belonged to. The feeling to be part of something and to fight together for one goal side by side was a great feeling- I think on fury you had the same situation when Nastrandir was fighting against Futilez. It’s so different from today, when a guild actually seems to be a means to an end for most players.

    I have to say that at beginning I wasn’t playing AoC constantly because I was still playing Lord of the rings besides and this game attracted me more, even though LotR was highly pve- dependent but back then I just loved the zerging vs. orcs and such stuff with my ranger. My opinion about zerging changed pretty much because of Age of Conan… now I hate zerging and fights with big numbers in which the troop with more members will win and I love the mini games with just 6 dedicated fighters in a team

    After a while playing on Asgard I got annoyed to be farmed and ganked, so I was starting with my second character on German server Mitra: My ranger Bendowill which was born August 2009. I never had a big interest in pve, so the main reason I was starting to play on Mitra was to level up with no worries to be ganked. Back then you could have great pvp in mini games even though it’s pve server, but the population became lower and lower and there was hardly any mini game popping up anymore. So, I moved to Fury nearly end 2011 with my ranger Bendowill. Now, I am around with my bearshammi Liangxiao
    Bendowill (Ranger) / Liangxiao (BS)
    Gjalskia (DT) / Beacor (BS, Saga)

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    hello i is stingg. i is pom.

    i push button - makes nice blue circle around ppl.
    "I am he, who the lord has chosen !... You snivelling boy... I AM THE THIRD REVELATION !"

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    Alright, stop what you're doin, 'cause I'm about to ruin the image and the style that you're used to. I look funny. But, yo, I'm making money, see, so yo world I hope you're ready for me. So gather 'round, I'm the new fool in town and my sound's laid down by the underground. I'll drink up all the Hennesy you got on your shelf so please let me introduce myself.

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