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Thread: Introduce yourself!

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    Default Introduce yourself!

    Pretty much in the title. If you're new or returning, please say hi!

    Also feel free to ask questions you have, but please use the search feature first and make questions specific ("What's changed since 2010?" Is pretty broad and has been answered!)

    Hi, I'm Vorbiz and I'm your friendly neighborhood moderator
    Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker?

    >> Only one character from 'Vorbiz' exists in my player name. So if you see me or anyone else with a similar name running around: It is not me.

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    This thread is sad and lonely.

    So hello! I'm the guy who has the most free time.

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    Okay I'll Bite, I'm Usedtissue. I came back a few weeks ago for some reason I can't explain. I've played on and off since launch and I've been in Exo for a year or two until many moved to set.

    Alts are in sig
    Usedtissue Necro 10//Emptycan ToS 7//Puggles HoX 6//Ammagaden Guard 5//Trollololo Conq 5//Bottlecap DT 2

    PM me to sign the Minigame buddy sign-up petition: (

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    I have a bit less free time than cins.

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    hi my name is erock and I'm in the midst of a nasty 'I ate a ton of Greek food and drank a lot of ouzo last night' upper decker in my hotel room.
    Baneric / Munok / Johnkruk / Tomjones / Elgranorgo

    US first kills - Arch Lector Zaal, Bat of Nerd Rage, Emperor, Cloud, and Entity.

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    I am Kurtz and I play in Rage. Rage is different from other servers, it has less people but they're nicer

    but watch out those pesky rangers in white sands )

    cya all in Rage

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erock25 View Post
    hi my name is erock and I'm in the midst of a nasty 'I ate a ton of Greek food and drank a lot of ouzo last night' upper decker in my hotel room.
    hi, i'm terribad at everything I play and I know this dork above ^ but don't hold that against me.
    Strategos of Immortal Souls

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    Hi, I am Art...I am beyond help terrible, but I know the 2 dorks that refer to each other.
    Artreborn - HoX FOREVER!!!
    PvP 6 - 8k+ Kills/2.5k+ deaths, Suicide Style!

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    Hey guys, i am Jovana (pronounced ''Yo''vana like you were going to say yo, whats up), i played on Fury and i had awesome profile until funcom merged the forums and erased all info i had.....sigh.... -.-

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    Hello everyone! I played AoC for only a very short time a couple of years back, and only leveled a few characters up to 6-10 range. I really have no idea why I didn't stick around the first time, but I'm back and loving it this time!

    At level 20+, my HoX is really starting to rock, and I am looking forward to leaving Tortage, probably tonight, and seeing some of the big, open world!

    As a side note, I would like to thank GM FrigidXXX, (sorry can't remember the last part of the name) for being so kind and patient with a newbie who was having a 'problem' with a quest (was my fault, of course!)and for Zoei(spelled wrong I bet--I am terrible with names!) from the guild DeFiance for taking the time to come out and help, and even invite a newb into their fellowship!

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