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Thread: New To Conq help pls

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    Lightbulb New To Conq help pls

    what weapon would you say is better for a solo pve conq and reason why pls,

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    Not sure what you mean by that, so i'll take a guess.

    2 1-handed swords is what we call dual wield, it's for the carnage feat tree, and it's meant for maximum damages output.

    2-handed sword is for brute feat tree, and is meant for maximum tanking abilities.

    So, you've got pretty much the choice, you can go brute and be able to take massive beating while still doing very good damage, or you can go carnage and be very fragile, but able to deal amazingly large amount of damages.

    For levelling you have to be a bit more careful if you're going carnage because you won't survive as well as a brute conq, but both are very good anyways, so it all goes down to which style you prefer.

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    I'd say go Brute like a real conq. ^^ Big 2h-swords are better when you pull a big pack of mobs and you can feat bubbles on Brute tree to survive anything. You can still swap weapons to use Breach and BloodBath combos. Tanking conqs are also more welcome in khitai pug groups, many groupleaders are sick of dps conqs/dts. xD

    2h-sword: Get the Bowls of Set quest at lvl80 and you get a great 2h-weapon in no time. Getting 2x 1h-sword is a bit more difficult.
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    Dual-wielding allow for faster mob killing (and thus leveling), but you need to be more proficient with your class - you'll be a bit more squishy and you will need to learn how to switch weapons on the fly for CC.

    2-hander build makes you more tough, but combat is slightly slower.

    The differences between those styles are small at lower levels, but become bigger the higher the level. Final feats are critical -Carnage conqs get a powerful combo that is enough to kill a mob and Brute conqs can become invulnerable to all attacks or even heal when they're getting hit by melee attacks.

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    use both in a brute spec. pre 80 brute tree is king of solo. once you get remorseless aggression, and if you are capable of weapon swapping, you can literally pull 10+ mobs and chain kb them while barely getting hit. these mobs will die a lot faster than carnage spec pulling them two at a time.
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    Smile Thanks guys

    Thanks for your incite guys, much appreciated. Going to try this spec, and two handed sword, and see how I go with that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shim63 View Post
    Thanks for your incite guys, much appreciated. Going to try this spec, and two handed sword, and see how I go with that.
    i wud pop one point from power feint to angel of fury since brute stack Furius inspiration slow. on carnage u dont need that at all...

    another trick is dualwielding in brute spec. giving higher damage then 2 h combos and fast stack of FI. switching to 2h for feint attack and if u wanna do batter aside or hit large grps of mobs.

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