Welcome to the Wild Geese Guild!

We are currently looking for new players to join our guild. All classes are welcome.

Wild Geese was formed in 2009, and we aim to create a mature, relaxed, social, and friendly atmosphere and to have as much fun in the game as possible.
There are no taxes, no minimum play time, no kill on sight lists and no pacts or alliances with other guilds. We are self sufficient.
We have a tier 3 guild city, we do all Khitai hardmodes on a regular basis, and we do raiding.

When new players hit level 80, we usually do T1 raiding and Khitai hardmodes to help them get gear.

You can PM our leader "Smiler" or any other officer in game if you are interested in joining the wild geese.
Officer list is found in the guild rooster on our website;