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Thread: {Tales} - "Leaving the Menfyt - The long journey home"

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    Default {Tales} - "Leaving the Menfyt - The long journey home"

    "Leaving the Menfyt - The long journey home"

    This is the tales of Lady Elyssa of the House of Aithne.

    I first posted this story on the 27th September 2009, 20:31 (9,016)

    OOC: I have moved this and many other stories from the European forums. Since whole threads could not be moved, I took the liberty to Copy +Paste comments from friends as well

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    Lady Elyssa of the House Aithne
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    Default Downfall


    Alexios jumped of his horse and landed softly beside it. He took the reins on one hand and began to lead his horse forward. The ground was soft, no rain have had the chance to clean its surface form the traces of those that had walked there. He kneeled and folded some of the grass to the side. No traces of a larger party travelling though here. He gently reached out his hand caressing the soil as if he had hoped it would give him the answered he searched for.
    He rose and wiped the dirt of his hand. Five days and still no sign of the council or the men escorting them. Alexios and his guards had been sent out to meat up with the council as they were returning from old Tarantia.

    “They are probably just delayed. The weather is unreliable.” Tarelias voice was low. Alexios turned to her and nodded faintly.

    “We continue as far as we can before the dawn sets.” He replied low and signalled to the other guards to mount up.

    Just after they had crossed a small river they saw the first rowing birds in the sky, circling around an area behind a small knoll in a few hundred meters away. Alexios just briefly glanced at his men before he urged his horse forward. What he saw had sent a chill down his spine.

    The scene displayed in front them after they had rounded the small knoll was chaotic. Bodies of horses, men and women were spread out all over the landscape. The smell of rotten flesh come tumbling over them and they could hear the howls from the preying birds in the sky. Alexios slowly glided down from his horse, not knowing if his legs would support him. Tears burned behind his eyelids when he slowly walked towards what had once been a carriage. He fell on his knees when he recognized it to be one of the two carriages transporting the council. He felt a hand on his shoulder, supporting him.

    “By Crom, what happened here? Tarelia asked in disbelief. The only answer she got was silence as Alexios hug his head low against his chest. Still supporting Alexios, Tarelia turned to the rest of the guards.

    “Scout the area!” she shouted. “Leave no one alive!” To Alexios she continued with a low voice, yet her words were hard. ”You must rise! This is not the time to morn them. Be strong for the sake of your men.” Alexios slowly rose and nodded to Tarelia. When the first scouting party returned with no findings, he had gained some of his self-control.
    Who caused this? He asked himself. A shout of disbelief distracted him from further dwelling into his dark thoughts.

    “Stygians! It was Stygians who attacked!”

    With haste all men dashed towards the source of the shout. On the soil lied three men, stygian to origin. One of them was still alive. Alexios sighed and knelt beside him.
    “I will ease your suffering, If you say whom did this” his voice harsh. The man tried to speak and Alexios leaned in closer to hear the almost inaudible words. His expression did not change when he slowly took out a knife and ended the life of the man.

    “This changes things. The council members we know and love have all past to the afterlife. We have a new leader; the legacy will pass to Elyssa, daughter of Tharcian and Iωνία. She is down south in Stygia, serving under Imoteph; we must send word to her.” He looked up at the youngest of the men in his patrol. “Ride swift to Old Tarantia and seek her Aquilonian family out. Let them send Elyssa a message. Make haste!” The youngling nodded and turned his horse in one graceful move and sprinted away. Alexios then turned to the rest of the party. His once proud and tall figure seemed to have shrunk, his shoulders bent.

    “Durvaltur, prepare a ceremony to honour our dead in this life and in the afterlife. Come on! Let us bury our dead.”

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    Default Khemi Docks

    Khemi Docks
    Elyssa was supervising the packing of the horses and tried to ignore the merchants grin on his face when he measured the gold coins in his hand. Instead she looked down at her hands holding a part of a letter. The words were inconclusive like the author didn’t want to speak direct. She understood that someone close to her had passed into the great Halls of Crom. But why did the message come from her family in Poitan and not from Cimmeria where her father still dwelled? And there was an underlying tone in the letter. Conflicts would soon escalate.

    Haste was required now and time was of the essence. Those of her clan that had stayed with her as Menfyt were making themselves ready for the long journey home. She had been granted 2 weeks of permission for her and her kinsmen by lady Treizi. I wonder if it would be enough, she sighed.

    The look on Elyssas face was unsettling when she left Khemi in a hurry together with Calidius, Thorvin, Merulus and Pattia.

    Lady Elyssa of the House Aithne
    ~ Triath of the Fearghal Clan ~

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    Default Khopshef Province

    Khopshef Province

    The sand was soft under her feet as she walked over the dune. Her contact in Khemi had informed her that she would find Imoteph and his followers in Caravanserai, celebrating the day of the dead. Her journey north had taken longer than the two weeks she had been granted. When Lady Treizi had found her in Conarch tavern contemplating over a tankard of Ale, she had been reminded of what she had left down in Stygia. She had pushed those thoughts deep inside herself, with so little time to reflect over her former life. That period in her life was over, her loyalty and duty now lied elsewhere. It was with mixed feelings she had begun her travel south. She was still bound to Imoteph and her honour required her to solve those bonds before she could continue with her new life. She inhaled the warm dry stygian air and lifted her eyes. At the horizon she recognized the familiar outlines of Caravanserai.

    Finlay, she thought. She mounted and rode slowly towards the oasis in front of the city. When she came nearer the she saw some well-known faces in the crowd outside the town’s gate. Of course, the Menfyt would be here to guard their Prophet. No time for second thoughts, she placed her heals in Nualas sides engaging her in to a controlled gallop.

    Lady Elyssa of the House Aithne
    ~ Triath of the Fearghal Clan ~

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    Default Caravanserai

    OOC: The following narrative is based on in-game RP. It has been shorten quite a bit, but I hope you enjoy it.


    She approached Imotephs tent with caution. She had her hood drawn deep in front of her face in case she would meet some of those familiar faces she saw earlier. Deep in the shadows of the tent she saw Imoteph in light conversation with two girls. Oh, the twins manage to travel to Stygia. By Crom, they are sturdier that I thought. She smiled to herself.

    At Imotephs right side she spotted the new captain of the menfyt, Derellas. She walked towards him, and stopped first at the edge of the tent. She spoke with a demanding voice “Menfyt! I seek an audience with the prophet”

    She walked out of the tent after the audience with determined strides. Never, had she thought that she would be greeted with this amount of arrogance and suspicion. She had come alone and entered the tent unarmed to show that she meant no threat. Imotephs only gratitude towards her was accusations of treason and desertion. She stopped in her tracks when she heard Derellas voice behind her.

    “Might want to pick better words before you engage into a discussion with the Prophet. “
    She turned around in anger and found that Derellas smiled. She quickly looked down to hide her feelings. “Well, I thank you for your kind translation,” she said with a low voice.
    “Don't mention it. I'm sure it has been hard enough coming back here because of what happened. Treizi told me”.
    “Yes, it’s been hard and the decision was not easy,” she looked up trying to compose herself.
    Derellas nodded and sighed. “We Menfyt have to look out for each other regardless of anything. Let’s just hope your "agreement" won't be too bad”.
    “Since we were so many of us that left, it was the honourable thing to do,” she continues.
    “It was. I appreciate it as well. Go rest. I'm sure the Prophet will summon you soon”.
    “Thank you, once again. I will not forget it”. She held Derellas eyes hoping that he would understand.
    Derellas nods and smiles. “Take care”. With those words Derellas turned and walked back towards the crowd in front of Imotephs tent. She looked after him and didn’t pay so much attention to her surroundings. Her feelings were mixed and she bowed her head. Derellas had just reminded her of commemorate she had felt within the Menfyt guard.
    “May Crom be with you” she mumbled quietly.

    The rustling sounds of moving horses and squeaking armour made her look up and she found herself in front of her former general Zackita. “It was an honour Elyssa, thank you for time served.”
    "Thank you, Zackita," she answered, her voice thick of feelings.

    The companions of Imoteph were mounting and she heard a female shout “Sarii, we are leaving for Per Shet”. Imoteph together with two riders on both sides of him stopped briefly near her. Imoteph nodded to her and she returned the nod.
    “So we speak soon then....Elyssa from the north”
    “We will”

    Lady Elyssa of the House Aithne
    ~ Triath of the Fearghal Clan ~

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    Default Khemi


    The boat hit the dock with a subdued sound and she jumped easily ashore. Khemi, she thought. The noise and odors overwhelmed her where she stood, familiar and yet unfamiliar. Ferron jumped ashore shortly after. He turned and shouted an order to one of the slave boys. In a low voice he spoke to her.
    “I will go and see to that the horses are shipped ashore alright. You never can trust these people.” She nodded and turned towards the dock side again.

    How long it will take before Imoteph decides he will summon me, she asked herself. And will he be merciful? Probably not, best to find logging soon before the nightfall. The streets in Khemi are not safe for outlanders at night. She left Ferron behind and started to walk towards the Purple Carp Tavern.

    Lady Elyssa of the House Aithne
    ~ Triath of the Fearghal Clan ~

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    Default Purple Carp Tavern

    OOC: The following narrative is based on ingame RP. And a quite unplanned one ^^. *curses all SetMosian spies*

    Purple Carp Tavern

    Some hours later

    The light was sparse and took some time to adjust to from the bright light outside. The walls were covered with dark paint, one once could have imagined for the bright crimson read as the name of the tavern suggested. She peered around looking for familiar faces but found none. A feeling of relived filled her body and she nodded towards one of the more private alcoves. Ferron followed her as she seated herself on the floor beside one of the low tables. They began to talk and soon the surroundings of the tavern diapered as they lost themselves in their conversation.

    The sounds from heavy steps and rustling armor abruptly silenced the two. Elyssa and Ferron silently saw the room get filed with Imotephs trusted Menfyts and dark dressed followers. Lady Treizi and Derellas, the captain of the Menfyt was among them.
    “Elyssa, I'm afraid you are going nowhere!” A fully clad figure with a mask spited out the words.
    Derellas sighed a bit annoyed ”Yes thank you Hathis, we'll handle it from here.”
    Ferron rose up slowly, glances at Elyssa while she rose as well.
    “Can someone care to explain to me?” Treizi demanded.
    “Elyssa returned to the Prophet during the Festival. She tried to get the vows of the blood oath undone, but couldn't quite get out of her words. So I helped her, in return the Prophet wishes to make a new "agreement" with her,” Derellas explained.
    Treizi listened and nodded.
    Hathis eyes sets ablaze with zeal. “And his will for her betrayal was to remain here until Set had granted him his will of her fate.”
    Derellas continued. “On the request that she'd stay in Khemi until summoned and now Hathis here claims she's trying to escape.”
    Ferron kept his head low, looking to the ground.
    “Is this true, Elyssa?” Derellas asked.
    “I am not sure what you mean with escape... I never...” Elyssa was taken aback by the accusation.

    Hathis addressed the hooded man “You!” he says in an imperative tone, “turn around and lower your hood.”
    Ferron turned around and looked at them, grinning lightly. Treizi backed when she recognizes Ferron.
    Derellas blinked “Treizi?”
    Do not mock me with your lies,” Hathis said.
    Ferron Nodded at Treizi, smiling a bit before he turns towards Hathis “Keep your tongue around Chieftain” he said with a harsh voice.
    “I don’t have to lie...”Elyssa smiles at Hathis.
    “You and this outlander conspired for Elyssa's leave from Stygia,” Hathis continued.
    “No. I think what you heard was out of its context..” Elyssa answered with a patient tone.

    "That man insulted me and the prophet while I was up in Conarc to speak with Elyssa,” Treizi pointed at Ferron.
    “ No?” Ferron answered lazy.
    At Trezis words Assan immediately grabed his bow and pointed it towards Ferron.
    “Lower you weapon Assan!!!” Treizi shouted.
    “Who's that man?” Assan demanded to know.
    “A friend to put that bow away,” Treizi answered.
    “He is a fellow comrade that I meet here. We are just talking, sharing some ale” Elyssa said.
    “So tell me what is his name?” said Assan
    Treizi turns to Ferron, “Maybe he has courage enough to speak out his name himself?”
    Elyssa shruged and looked at Ferron.
    “Seems to take a long time,” Assan continued.
    “Norref is the name,” Ferron said.
    Derellas eyeed Ferron and Elyssa for a moment, and then looked at Hathis.
    “I didn't asked you,” Assan made a gesture to Ferron.
    “Try to behave,” Ferron replied.
    Hathis gave Ferron a blazing look of hatred. “You speak lies; tell us your real name.”
    “Norref is the name.”
    Assan aimed his crossbow at Ferron, “Try to behave?”
    “Are ya deaf or something?” Ferron replied with a smirk. “Ya, behave...We haven’t done anything wrong here.”
    “He tells the truth, I heard that name ...I meet him once at Serpents head,” Treizi said with a sigh.
    Ferron nodded at Treizi.
    “You are a feeble liar my outlandish friend,” Hathis blurted out.
    Derellas rubed his temple and frowned for a moment.
    “He said that name to me then, I recognize him...put away that bow Assan!!” Treizi said, her tone harsh.
    “Do as she says, Assan. We ain't here to start a goddamn fight over something we don't even know for sure,” Derellas moved in the line between Assan and Elyssa.

    Hathis eyeed Elyssa suspiciously. “You will be contained and watched. At the slightest hint of departure I will be there, with daggers... In your back,” Hathis eyes were filled with fanatic rage.
    “Just drop it damnit Hathis. You've been on her back since the moment you saw her,” Derellas maid a gesture at Elyssa. “I'm starting to think your rage is clouding your judgment. Now back off!”
    “Assan.... “ Treizis voice were cold “....put away that bow”
    Elyssas eyes turned to Treizis, “I never thought it would get this much out of hand...”
    Hathis calmed down a bit as he turned to Derellas, “Very well,” and takes a few steps back.
    Treizi looked at Elyssa and then to Ferron.
    “If they did something wrong we'll find out the proper way, not dagger throwing,” Derellas said.
    “I would never harm her before the Prophet would see her, or in case of her escape,” Hathis counter attacked.
    “So far Elyssa here has been more honorable then some of the Stygians I saw, cut her some slack,” Derellas stated.
    Hathis turned to Assan and made hasty gestures with his fingers.

    “I came back as I promised, Lady Treizi. I kept my word to you,” Elyssas voice was almost pleading.
    “ did, but I had to come and search for you...I did not hear from you. I Left Conarc in anger,” Treizi finished.
    Elyssa looked down, “That part is true.. And I regret it…. I should have returned earlier”
    Ferron glanced at Treizi. With obvious anger Hathis continued to make signs to Assan, pointing to Elyssa. Assan made some simple signs in return.
    “I also had to save her from a painfull discussion with the Prophet. If I didn't intervene, things would've been allot different I think,“ said Derellas
    “I am really thankful for your part in this Derellas,” Elyssa looked Derellas in his eyes and smiled faintly.
    “ told the prophet that you will stay here until he summons you?” Treizi asked with a tiered voice.
    “You are somewhat of a "diplomat" Derellas, but do not forget that the will of Set -will- be done,” Hathis spat out the words.
    Derellas smiled faintly, “I’m not a Captain for nothing, Hathis.”
    “Then Elyssa, I hope he finds you here the day he wishes to speak to you,” Treizi declared.
    “Sets will be done when it’s obvious it has to be done. This isn't obvious now, so,” Derellas looked at Hathis his eyes cold.
    “I will stay...” Elyssas voice was low and tiered.
    “Good, then it’s solved, I trust her,”
    Elyssa nodded, “ I am thankful, Lady Treizi.”
    “You all heard me, its solved, she will remain here and I trust that she does,” Treizi turned around when she spoke, addressed the whole tavern.

    “You may trust her; however it is my job not to.” Hathis clenches his right fist in restrained fury. “The Prophet shall here of this,” Hathis voice were filled with staggering resolve.
    “You sure you'd want to tell the Prophet about how you dragged his two officers to a pointless and possibly dangerous argument?” Derellas asked with curiosity in his voice.
    “Hear about what Hathis?” Treizi asked.
    “That is for me to decide,” Hathis answered, avoiding Treizis gaze.
    Elyssa stood still and listening to the argument.
    Derellas smiled faintly,” I'm sure.”“Think we're done here, General”
    “I hope I’m not to be disappointed again Elyssa?” Treizi said.
    “I will not disappoint you..” Elyssa smiled and looked Treizi in the eyes.
    Treizi nodded and peered at Ferron. Ferron returned her nods and smiled. Derellas followed Treizi's gaze for a moment.
    There...all set, let’s leave them," Treizi said.
    "Very well then. I will see you again," Hathis muttered.

    Ferron waved at Hathis while they watch Treizi and her escort leave. Ferron glanced at Elyssa, waited until he was sure that the unwelcomed party had left the tavern, until he spoke. “We must be more careful of what we speak of here.” Elyssa only nodded in reply.

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    Default Old entry from Kristeva / Teleia

    Kristeva - Ranger Cimmerian // Traveler // English server Fury PvP

    *steals Ferron and runs away* teehee!

    Where my feet are.

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    Default Old entry from Ferron / Reldon

    Reldon - Ranger Cimmerian // Clan Fearghal // English server Aquilonia PvP-RP

    *Gasps and is stolen*

    Great stories !
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    Default Old entry from Zackita

    Zackita - Dark Templar Stygian // Black Market // English server Aquilonia PvP-RP

    Keep it up. I want to read more.
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