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Thread: Strange UI 3 Revival v1.4

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    Default Strange UI 3 Revival v1.4

    This is my personal favorite in terms of custom ui's. I saw that it had not been posted yet and so I wanted to share.
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    Yea, this is my favourite too. Well laid out, no fancy borders and simplistic. Well worth trying out

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    i did like this one best, but couldnt use it for so long, might be too used to stonerune by now :P

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    Default No Tokens or claims button?

    Hi I love this UI however is there a way to get the tokens and claims buttons to be shown.

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    Are they not in the right-hand inventory panel? The latest version should give you the buttons as below

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    I'm using strange UI 1.4. Options I'm using are 3 row combos, inventory xs 12x15. However on my inventory screen I don't have money, tokens, claims or bag windows. It may just be with this inventory size..

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    Yes, it looks as though it is to do with that inventory size. Have downloaded the UI again (to make sure I still have the latest version), and have tried each of the different inventory sizes, and only the xs (12*15) doesn't show them.

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    I think one of the inv sixe orientations had a problem. I reported some problems about it, but the dev after a while just had other priorties. Like study.

    So, if anyone wants to take up redev'ing =D

    This is my favourite UI. It's just simple and there's no silly thick border's like the other ones. FDS's bars look far to bubbly for my liking, too. Silly reason for some I know, but when you're used to the out of the way nature of this UI, it matter's to me =O I paid for a 60cm monitor, and I want to see my boobies.

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    Great Mod. Any way to adjust the size of the mini map when it is located on the bottom?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonGalt View Post
    Great Mod. Any way to adjust the size of the mini map when it is located on the bottom?
    I dont think so? And the game's apparently hard-coded to make it round, too which is a bit of a poop.

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