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Thread: Rare tokens

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    Quote Originally Posted by RingOfSet View Post
    Its beginning to taper off . Last night was abysmal, if you counted between 8~11 pm there were about 600 players on or so, perhaps 30% of that being 80s.

    In all cases, these numbers are stupendously abysmal... at this point we are a fraction of one shard on WoW. I genuinely fear for the game. A healthy game would be 3 or even 4 US servers with around 1.5 to 2k players on each night.
    That's just sad. You would think Tuesday night would be packed with people with it being raid reset day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurt2013 View Post
    And please be honest...can a K6 group with blues do t4? especially if it is the tanks and healers? Can a raidgeared group do that? Can they do it the intended way or with "help"? And even if, is it enough fun with rares/time ratio to do this repeatable?
    My meaning was K6 epics, not blues.

    By casual I would say something like a player who devotes maybe 10 hours a week to the game. That's 40 hours a month. So after they reach 80, that would give them time to run all 3 t1 raids every week, plus a few K6 and wing 1s. You will be geared in no time doing that.

    You can do most everything in Khitai with T2 gear. You could certainly do the 1st half of T4 in T2 or K6 gear. So what's the barrier?

    This desire to dumb-down the game and make everything easy mode where loot is just handed out is puzzling to me. What challenge is there in a game if everything is just handed to you?

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    Maybe because it is NOT a desire to dumb down the game, but enrich it?
    In my definition someone able to do all raids in a week AND do other content is not really a casual, but at least partially devoted. Casuality also means for me that i can log in at random times, play a bit and then log off...and if i log in only for raids during the 10 hours, i would call it rather specialized gameplay, since especially at 80 the game has far more to offer and experience
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    Quote Originally Posted by RingOfSet View Post

    I get scolded constantly for bringing in new players who just turned 80 into instances, and I always respond with, "THIS new 80 is coming if you don't like it then leave my group."

    I have no idea what kind of numbers Funcom is looking at from their server side but the VAST majority of genuine new players who get khitai never get to do much of any of the instances(even yag loops/farm instances) because the instances are just not done or they can't find a group that will accept them.

    To all the vet farmers who think bringing a new novice 80 is an annoyance I say enjoy the game while it lasts because if you continue to discriminate against AA less new players the game will shut down fast.
    I totally agree with you man. Plus i would like to add the fact that alot of people are very unfriendly and that is just MY Experiance. Im a fresh new 80 demo on the rage server. Besides the fact that there are NO runs in Khitai and its a pure pvp server makes it even worse to grind out rare trophies. I can tell that im not a casual player since i grind alot but also seeing what i need for rare trophies makes me give up after my one year sub. :-( And the best part is all those unfriendly hoes are the ones who cries that the server(s) are dead. How pathetic really. They should just bring in a 3:1 ration exchange thing that will help you progress because 3 months grinding for 1 purple set part that cost me 290 rare trophies? Are you serious? Sad!

    Would like to add that if any one is on rage and reading this and needs a DEMO send me a pm or ingame mail but i dont believe in wonder

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    New players should join a guild and do guild runs to gear up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K4nnyc View Post
    New players should join a guild and do guild runs to gear up.
    Agreed, this is the most enjoyable way of playing and best way to learn too because people will have more patience...

    OnT: grind Vile - 12 rares per run. 40 mins or so if done fast.

    Edit: I haven't spent more than a few weeks to get all Khitai gear I need for any of my many toons. Crom EU server that is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by K4nnyc View Post
    New players should join a guild and do guild runs to gear up.
    That only works if the guild you join actively run 6-mans and isn't in the current state that many are of 'log on for T3/T4/T3.5 raids, log off afterwards'.
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