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Thread: Hi everyone!

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    Talking Hi everyone!

    Hello i finally got the age of conan + the expansion and got myself 1 month of sub. i've been following this game for all this years. but never dedicate myself to it (low-end pc, my country not having retail copies, nor having a way to pay online). i have been playing FTP though. but couldnt get the full magic of this amazing mmo. i know i will like this game even more, now that i can have the full taste. good day everybody

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    Welcome to the bestest MMO ever! At least for pve.

    Remember to make a hox.

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    always great to see new players come. Welcome to the best mmo!
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    Noobs are so cute. Awwwwww!

    Enjoy the game!

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    Welcome Hopefully I'll see you out mini'ing/open world PVPing
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    Strongly recommend you begin play on Set PvE. You'll probably get more PvP action on Set (strange but true) and there are many new people friendly guilds on Set. Avoid the following guilds in Set, IMHO they seem very elitist and their raid explanations seems very sub par even wrong... I'll send you a list..

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