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Thread: Let's Get to Work Funcom

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mustaine View Post
    It's tough ~ minis are starting to die off and PuG-Raids are struggling to fill ~ I think it was said; people are just not playing

    GW2 has a new 8-Bit zone JUST for the month of April. How do you compete with games that pump out content just for the **** of it? ~ lol

    I don't think it's new Raid zones that will help AoC ~ FUNCOM needs to give ppl a reason to visit areas that aren't just 80-centric, get that crafting revamp NOW, and make some major edits to the game-store (Tier'd gear and PvP gear available) with some minor constraints.

    I'm often pulled away from AoC because competitors are outpacing it.

    Agreed, I can never quite tear myself from the core basics of the game adult oriented/great combat system...

    But although these things are central without the rest of the package.. I can only hold out for so long.

    If they add 80+ instances in existing zones and add a damn LFG system... basic simple... level/instance/description that's it.. then we'll get some people to stay.

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    Im fairly certain a merge would just be a band-aid just waiting to fall off. The last two merges Ive witness were responsible for the following-- really great population and activity (i.e...sixmans, pug raids, minis etc) literally non-stop all day every day. That went on for about 2-3 months, then back to ghost town.

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    If only Gitbin could find a T4 raiding guild AoC would be saved.

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    He'll never be happy.

    We all have different opinions based on our daily activities. But my post came from one place only, to retain new and vet players. I've seen server merges since launch. It's never a perma fix. But in today's game, there's just no reason of having two pvp servers per continent. Having a centralized server with ruleset instances at least will salvage what we still have so new and old players have a sense of community, before any growth can occur.

    As a player who's subbed to 2014 I can still see the problem with new players going to 80, new f2p players facing their decision to invest themselves in this game. Currently the "worth" is still not there for them to stay. But there are still plenty of players looking for a game to be addicted to.

    For all the players who love the combat mechanics, there are others who are fine with WoW/GW2/Tor combat mechanics. Like it or not those are players we'd also like to recruit. With so many games out right now, drastic moves have to be made in terms of f2p, AA changes. At least casual subbers and vets would be happy with the change of pace if they made old world instances give more, as well has pvp maps with old world themes. For example, pvp map based in thunder river palisaides, grass plains on top of shaulun, tesso etc.

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    As a reminder, all suggestions should be posted in the -=Suggestion Thread=-.

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