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    Quote Originally Posted by NavinRJohnson View Post
    DTS don't get the free DPS until they hit 80 and get some AAs filled in. DTs take a while to level just like the other soldiers.
    DTs can dps just fine even without VoM by using magic damage gear and full tali spec. Later on most tali feats are replaced by VoM, so they can retain high dps with buffed survivability.

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    the barb is very easy to play in group fights and soloing no matter what feats you use, but i recommend starting as zerker just to know a bit how things work, then try the reaver

    the conq, i havent played it yet, but since revamp, and at lvl80, at least is very good to tank in groups, solo or even help dps on group if necessary

    Quote Originally Posted by RingOfSet View Post
    Just don't play guards not only can they not do DPS but apparently they are not great tanks as well. If you want to both tank/DPS play conq -- they are also the only ones to get in combat rezz.

    DT if you want to do DPS sometimes and mt on raids.
    "not great tanks as well"??? - guards have very high health and can maintain aggro for a very long time, specially using sword-shield with juggernaut + general, that is very useful when dpsers are sin and an hoc for example (lots of dps and aggro to control)

    "they not do DPS but apparently"??? - on soloing pve with polearm and tempest build i can kill at least 4-5 mobs in khitai (lvl80+) using heavy armor

    the biggest problem i had with the guard was only lvling until lvl 80, that compared to other class like barbarian and bearshaman, is much slower (its not a problem actually, just time to kill mobs is longer for guards at low levels)

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