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    Default ToS Faq

    Please keep this thread strictly recommendations to all new players to the class. This is a common knowledge thread.

    I will update this as needed.

    1. Wisdom will INCREASE your electrical Damage output. So when picking gear, look for wisdom if you want DPS.

    1 Wisdom
    * Increases Spell damage by 0.6 for spells with Wisdom attribute (priest spells)
    * Increases Mana points by 3
    * Increases Natural mana regeneration by 0.07 (0.0175 mana per second)
    * Increases OOC mana regeneration by 0.38
    * Increases Protection from Holy/Unholy magic by 0.5
    2. Always, ALWAYS run your LIFE OF SET heal, before and during PVP during battles. Your teammates will thank you.

    3. Always Drink POTS. You will drink mana and Health pots like crazy. Expect to spend gold on them.

    4. Double tap forward with your weapon drawn and have a chance of stunning target, last for 5 seconds. Your next attack has a chance of stunning its target for 1.5 seconds.

    5. Double tap left or right with weapon drawn and get a 10% immunity and 10% max immunity making you more difficult to hit with magic spells. Last for 5 seconds.

    6. Double tap backwards with weapon drawn and get +50% miss chance, +25% evade chance and a +50% Fizzle Chance. Increases your chance to avoid attacks, but makes it difficult to attack enemies.

    7. Performing a fatality will give you a 10 second buff called FATALITY. Effect is renews 5 percent of Stamina based on Stamina, renews 5 percent of Mana based on Mana, +20% Magic Damage Modifier and a +20% Damage Multiplier. It then renews 5% of Stamina and Mana based on the Stamina and Man for 1 second.

    8. All DoT-effects are "magical", meaning they count towards immunity and not evades even if the effect have been applied by a physical attack, which is why all specs should include 3 points in Power of the Serpent Ring

    9. Always cast Curse of Set on targets before attacking


    Hit Rating

    Hit Rating does not Increase DPS

    It gives you increased chance to hit a target

    Your hit rating is used to overcome the immunity outcome. Innate resistance (which some classes get through feats or spells, such as the Barbarian’s Insanity feat) is not overcome with hit rating.

    Pets will fully inherit their owner’s hit rating and will inherit half of their owner’s critical rating
    Glancing Hits and Overwhelming Hits
    Two new combat outcomes have been added for physical attacks. A glancing hit means you hit the target, but inflict reduced damage. You can overcome the glancing hit chance with high enough hit rating. Overwhelming hits occur only when you are being attacked by four or more non-minion monsters at the same time, and will cause increased damage. The more monsters that are attacking you at once, the higher the chance of suffering overwhelming hits.
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    Default TOS AAs

    TOS AAs

    There are 3 groups of AAs, General or Blue (everyone gets them), archtype or Red(poms and BS have these as well) and then Class type or White (only the tos has these).

    Generally speaking, there are three different sets of these AAs, as can be seen on your screen by pressing the letter N and then clicking on the AA button. The 3 colums on the left side of the screen are considered Mastery and often associated with PVE. The center column are special perks and require the most effort to get, and the 3 columns on the right are called Prowess or PVP perks. Please note that generally speaking, there is not any reason to separate these from pve to pvp other than the General Blue right side.

    For beginners sake, you should look at it as everything but the Prowess General should be taken for pve, and everything should be taken for pvp.

    There are two types of AAs, the passive and feated. If you hover over the AA, and see "Teaches: - PERK" this means you have to feat to have it (except Elusive Nature). Otherwise consider it passive and no action other than adding points in it is needed.

    Overview: Mastery General
    Wards: These offer protection in both pvp and pve against magic. Note there are 5: Electric, Fire, Frost, Unholy, and Holy. You should feat these fully.

    Pressing Strikes: Fully feated gives +146 Hit Rating and +392 Crit Damage Rating. This one requires feating.

    Decisive Strikes: +1% base spell Damage, +2% Weapon Damage Melee and Ranged, +161 Crit Rating. This one requires feating.

    Immeasurable Empowerment: Give +5 strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Dexterity. This one requires feating.

    Empowered Momentum: Deals damage when you double tap towards an enemy temporarily stunning them.

    My recommendations for PVP is to feat decisive as one of the general perks, max out the wards. Ignore the Empowered Momentum until you have everything else feated out fully.
    Overview: Prowess General
    Resistances: Note there are five resistances in General - Root, Snare, Fear, Stun and Stagger. Stagger is not a priority in PVP as its not used often.

    Field of War: +96 pvp Magic Damage and +436 PVP Combat Rating. This requires feating. Many use this in PVP.

    Quick Steps: Increases Sprint Regeneration +10 Natural Energy Regeneration. Unless you are running flags, I would not feat or put points in this. This one requires feating.

    Precise Strikes: Increases your PVP Hit Rating, Armor Penetration, and Spell Penetration. +80 PVP Hit Rating, +500 Armor Penetration, and +111 Spell Penetration. This one requires feating. Many use this in PVP.

    Expanded SideStep: Increase Evade Chance when triggering the sidestep effect. This is achieved by double tapping in a direction to get the buff.

    My Recommendations for PVP are to get the resistances fully feated and to use the perk Field of War. While the tos is strong in DPS, I like this perk because it puts me slightly ahead of most demos, necros and poms in DPS.
    Overview: Center General Feats
    Chromatic Warding: +355 protection to all magic. This one requires feating. Excellent perk if you find yourself against an all magic team or against an all magic boss.

    Fortifying Empowerment: Increases your Health. About 500 if I recall. Not worth the perk IMO.

    Elusive Nature: Increase your chance to mitigate critical hits. NOTE: Fill this out as its passive as well.
    More to come...
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    Would love your take on AA selections.

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    I disagree with 1, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 in your ToS faq but i respect your opinion, you certainly have more experience than me. I will see later if you judge necessary to update but i cant hold myself to suggest the practical use of double tap in battle on a ToS to anticipate a knock back and avoid it's full duration.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Diabolo View Post
    I disagree with 1, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 in your ToS faq but i respect your opinion, you certainly have more experience than me. I will see later if you judge necessary to update but i cant hold myself to suggest the practical use of double tap in battle on a ToS to anticipate a knock back and avoid it's full duration.
    Its not about what you do, its that you know you can do it. Should you do it, why not. If you choose not to do it, that is your choice. We all play differently, and one thing I always try to do is consider different people play differently. I do not ever push my style on anyone. Nor should you. So disagree is fine. However, offer your suggestions, versus telling others they aren't right. It helps others more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrcorp View Post

    More to come...
    3+ years later....

    Were you in charge of the crafting revamp?

    And now I'm typing to myself since you haven't logged in since 2015.
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