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Thread: Bear Shaman gear overview - some rambling about stats, factions and starting gear...

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    You can score some good HR even in full dps gear - you just need a good hammer Sometimes healing even for 300 will make a bigger difference than making another swing.

    If you have the most critical AA already, people expect you to be a healer and you happen to have ~1500HR already - you should get CG.
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    Default What about raiding?

    Are Khitai's set enough to raid t4/Elrik?

    And which set is the best? I don't want to farm more than 1. (Please say tiger since its the one I got!)

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    Tigers will do fine, I did t4 in it and its fine

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    Hi all,

    Sorry, I'm a little bit noob with the BS so I might have some obvious (and stupid) questions:

    1/ Does the Critical Rating increase the chance to do a Critical Heal ?

    2/ Does the Critical Damage Rating increase this Critical Heal ?

    I know those questions sounds curious but I'm really interested as I haven't seen a Critical Heal Chance or Critical Heal Rating stats in the character's sheet.

    3/ Regarding Gear, if I want my Shamy to be able to Soloheal most (if not all) 6-men instances, how much Heal Rating/Hit Rating do I need (without considering the Rear Guard Perk). I've looked at the cheapest token farming option (it's my 4th character and I'm tired of token-farming) and I'm hesitating between several gear option (all with the Wolf mace which will be my first buy):

    - Mix of Tiger/Hyrkanian (Tiger for the part who have both Critical/Hit rating) :

    - Full Yag-Kosha:

    - Any other gear on smaller armor part with Tiger as main (Yun, Shadow, Tiger) ? skeleton here:

    - other mix (no idea which one) ?

    with this kind of stuff combination, mostly based on drop, I've "only" 515 rares to farm.

    Thanks all for your help

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    1 & 2 yes - some heals crit and benefit from crit rating/crit damage. Off the top of my head in BS case that's the big heal (where it makes the most difference), celestial gaze and bloodthirst (rarely worth using the latter).

    As for gear generally you just go for tigers - max crit rating, crit damage and hit rating before anything else. You can mix it with pieces from other sets (for example Hyrkanian chest or Yag Kosha legs) but focus on Tigers for efficiency. A good healer in AoC is a healer that does a lot of dps while keeping the heals up and timing big heals/SF properly (sometimes adding AA heals into the equation makes sense but not always - you should really not focus on that unless your tanks are particularly weak or you're doing really hard content).

    You can solo heal all 6 mans without heal rating if you have a good group.
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