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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaoskult
    So, back from "break". Lets open with some nice things from T4. I would like to thank my guild mates and some other persons for help on this tactic. Its a long read but its also very detailed.
    As usual, might contain some errors, spelling errors and so on. Kindly ask you to point them out.

    Kill video

    Emperor Yah-Chieng

    Lets begin...

    Boss stays always in the middle of the room.
    100%-80% is just tanking, dps, and avoiding Blade Dance.
    Blade Dance is a spell where a sword appears and slowly rotates around the boss and if you get hit by the sword you get stunned for few sec and get a 5min long armor and protection debuff. This debuff can stack. Armor and protection penalty is 500. The sword always start from same direction, and that is pointing pond 1 and then a full circle around and disappears.
    At 80% boss will summon first illusions, they appear in pond 1 and pond 2.

    To find the correct one you must look at their target's target. On the correct illusion you are able to switch aggro and illusion's target's target will point out that. You only deal mana damage so when illusion's mana reaches zero the real boss will appear in the middle again and fight can move on.

    After dealing with the first illusion and boss being back in the middle, he will summon first set of golems, they always come in pairs.
    When real boss is active golems will spawn from boss but when illusions are up the golems will spawn from the area between pond 1 and pond 5.

    It is important for best performance that the chosen golem tanks DO NOT go to boss and receive any big heals because they need those heals when tanking golems.

    At this point someone in raid should start controlling and managing the golem side of business. This means that person has a timer for golem spawns and he/she should also call when golems have been dealt with, that meaning golems are at 75% and being kited away. This way boss team don't need to keep looking at the golems to make decision whether or not to dps boss to certain percentage to trigger next phase.

    Later on in the fight, call Golem spawn 10sec before it happens so people at boss get enough time react and step away if any aoe is active. You don't want the golem hitting the boss tanks or healers. This way Golem tanks are ready for a new round.

    You should have two tanks tasked to tank and pull the golems away from boss. Golems have a detonation timer on them when they spawn, its set for 33 sec. So you have that much time to take off 25% of their health and then the assigned tanks need to kite the golems away from everyone to detonate them safely. However, if you fail to take off that 25% from one or both golems and they manage to detonate they will do very very nasty aoe and most likely kill everyone.
    These golems hit like truck so tanks need good healing and its very important that no dps class pulls aggro so start hitting one golem and switch to the other after dealing 10-12% damage. This way you have better chance not pulling aggro and increase your chances on staying alive.
    There is no need to do high dps on golems, so no spellweaving and no need to use buffed attacks either. That 30sec is plenty of time to get 25% off of them safely.

    So being this far into the fight you have seen three things that the boss will keep casting until he's dead. These are the Blade Dance, Illusions and Golems.

    65% and below

    You work your way down to 65% while dealing with those three things. But you want to spawn golems before boss hits 65%, so pull dps away from boss and wait until golems spawn, kill them and then take boss down to 65%.

    At 65% boss will first summon three illusions to pond 1, pond 2 and pond 3. Find correct one like before. After killing that illusion boss will summon two more for pond 1 and pond 2. After killing the right one now boss will appear again but he has a new spell in his rotation. Mortal Affliction.

    What is Mortal Affliction.. It is a curse put on current aggro holder and 6 closest persons to him/her.
    When you trigger new phase and boss summons Illusions again and after dealing with those Illusions the boss will cast his first MA to the last aggro holder BEFORE he disappeared. So remember who it was and deal with it.
    MA target will also get a cure to remove the DOT from others after few seconds, its a very small area of effect so those 7 people need to stay gay close to each other until the cure is applied.

    At the moment Mortal Affliction is just huge amount of damage so you will need high survivability characters to deal with it - soldiers and bs with bubble preffered. First hit from MA is slashing, next (3-4 if cure is applied) after that are unholy.
    Be sure you don't switch to Illusion phase while waiting for cure to proc. Otherwise Emperor tanks won't be able or remove dot or go looking for correct illusion and people start dying. (Theres a patch on TL that changes how Mortal Affliction works so i'll update this section when i can)

    So boss at 65% and illusions killed, he will cast Mortal Affliction on the last person who was his target before Illusion spawn, 6 closest to that person will also get MA. One have a cure so stay close. At the same time boss will keep summoning golems and casting Blade Dance.
    Team at the boss need to stay sharp, especially with MA. Make sure to have a timer for this spell so you can call out warning for MA and others can take a little distance and avoid MA damage. After MA is cast its safe to go to boss again but do not block the persons who have the dot running since they still need to get rid of it.
    Two extra healers on boss team is nice to have, more heals means nobody is in danger to get killed by MA.

    So boss is below 65% now and he is casting Blade Dance, summoning golems and casting Mortal Affliction. Next Illusion spawn comes at 50%, be sure to spawn and deal with golem before that.

    Boss hits 50%.
    He summons illusions to pond 1, pond 2, pond 3 and pond 4. Kill correct one and continue with same pattern. Before killing last illusion make sure that 7 person group for MA is ready and healthy and golems have been dealt with.

    50% and below

    50% also introduce new spell for emperor's spell book, Devouring Pact.
    This spell is cast to 3 furthest person away, so assign 3 person to do this. You might want to use rangers, demos and/or necros for this since they can stay at range all times.
    When Pact is being cast, these three persons run to the wall and wait there until a red pool of blood is spawning on their feet, blood does damage so don't stay in it. Size and look is same as on Basilisk encounter, easy to spot. Then return to half way between boss and wall and continue doing what ever you were doing. Next time you hear that Pact is being cast, you go to the wall again et cetera.

    Boss is at 50%. He summons Illusions, keeps casting Blade Dance, summoning golems, casting Mortal Affliction and Devouring Pact.

    next stop is at 35%. If everything is going well so far, you're on your way to a kill. Its very important to stay vocal on this fight so everyone knows what is happening. Keep calling out Blade Dance, golem spawn, Mortal Affliction, Devouring Pact and everything is going fine.

    35% and below

    Before boss hits 35%, again make sure to have spawned golems and killed them before boss cast Illusions.
    At 35% boss summons illusions to all 5 ponds, you will have to kill the illusions 4 times. Again before killing last illusion make sure Mortal Affliction group is healthy and ready.
    When boss appears again he will keep casting all of the previous spells so remember to stay sharp. He will also get a buff(?) that procs minus hate effect on you when you do damage. This should not be a problem if everything goes smooth, you wont probably even notice it. Golem tanks might not want to hit boss at this phase to ensure tanking golem goes without problem.

    Okay, boss is below 35% and he will not summon more illusions anymore but he will keep casting all those spells and summoning golems until he dies.
    It is very important to stay calm and not start doing any crazy stuff like spellweaving, high dps, any other hero stunts. Just play it safe and careful until he dies. The golems can still wipe you if you make a mistake with them. Also any of the spells boss cast can wipe the raid, especially Mortal Affliction and Devouring Pact if they are not handled correctly.


    100%-80%: Blade Dance spell only
    80%: boss summon Illusions for the first time. Pond 1 and pond 2. After killing Illusion boss summon Golems for the first time
    80%-65%: Blade Dance, Golems
    65%: Boss summon Illusions twice, 1+2+3 and 1+2. After killing Illusions boss casts Mortal Affliction for the first time.
    65%-50%: Blade Dance, Golems and Mortal Affliction
    50%: Boss summon Illusions three times, 1+2+3+4, 1+2+3, 1+2. After killing Illusions boss casts Devouring Pact for the first time.
    50%-35%: Blade Dance, Golems, Mortal Affliction and Devouring Pact.
    35%: Boss summon Illusions four times, 1+2+3+4+5, 1+2+3+4, 1+2+3 and 1+2. After killing Illusions boss gets a buff that will trigger minus hate effect on damage
    35%-0%: Blade Dance, Golems, Mortal Affliction, Devouring Pact, minus hate proc


    Golem tanks should have maximum critigation and elusive nature on.
    When both Illusion(s) and Golems are up at the same time, killing golems is always priority.

    Tips for tanks
    - Very high protection required. At least for 3 tanks - two on ponds 1 and 2, and 3rd one who should try being aggro holder before switching to illusion phase. Last aggro holder will be always first illusion target before you find correct one, so is very important she/he can survive few hits.

    - They don't take any health damage and they hit really hard (Dread Shadow don't work in this part), so is very important for tanks - DO NOT use combos or any hate abilities when having aggro - make job for other tanks as easy as possible. After you used Irritate once and it wasn't resisted (possible, having high hit rating is good idea here) dpser have no chance to pull illusion aggro.
    - Split tanks over all ponds where Illusion are going to spawn to find correct one as soon as possible. And as soon as you find correct one, all those tanks and dedicated healers should go to correct illusion and start switching aggro.

    If dps pulls aggro when fighting golems, DO NOT kite. ONLY golem tanks kite and rest will either die where they stand or hope tank gets golem back after one hit. Second hit from golem will kill any other class but soldiers.

    Timers for needed for Golems and Mortal. Blade and Pact allow enough time to manage without using timer.

    Golems: First golems spawn after you have killed first illusion, start timer when you see first golems appear. ~64-62sec
    Mortal Affliction: Boss will cast this when you have killed last illusion when boss is at 65%. Start timer when you see first MA being cast. ~30-32sec

    click for a nice explanatory drawing
    just reposting, before its lost
    thanks to Chaoskult and TFB
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