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Thread: Sidar's DT guide

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    Just farm 6mans for all the goodness that comes with it these days (insigs galore so you can speed through a faction!, money, rates, AA points so pop some AA XP pots) and get the blue versions of each purple youre after from the respective faction. Also take a VERY close look at the gear requirements. Two of the major pieces don't even need you (rare based ones) to be ranked. In this case the boots and wrists, do need ranking. Iy s the head and chest IIRC that ate bought without rank.

    And get in every MC/Entity run you can for the time farming(most will ask you to leave however if you don't have a suitable ranged toon using the traditional nonmelee strategy). You'll need the tokens to be able to get a dolja rare for that main T4 piece that you never win 8-D

    Oh, and a recent trend I see people doing (you're welcome From) is wearing the two very cheap PvP rings. 75S a pop I believe. Buy two of each type (magic and combat rat) for git''n'shiggles.

    And talisman builds are fun. Buy a tally for magic, pick up as much WIS for PoM/ToS as you can and have fun playing pillow DT. Melee Tally's are more practical starting off however. Have fun experimenting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belatsunat View Post
    That at least is not a valid argument since the same guide recommends Last Legion Bracers for the wrist slot, so I'll have to grind them anyways.

    So mostly I am overvaluing armor and undervaluing crit damage rating?
    The difference between Wolves and Last Legion boots is negligible, you won't notice much of a difference either way. Wolves are better, but if you're buying Last Legion wrists you might as well get their boots as well since it's more convenient.

    As for critical damage rating, it only really becomes noticeable when you're playing with another DT of the same gear/skill, it's not a stat that's going to make or break you. The really important stats are things like armor/strength/crit rating/hit rating.
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