The combined forums are live and the discussions seem to pick up nicely. We will keep on checking if additional tweaks or changes are necessary but currently it looks good. As mentioned before, the planned visual changes and update to a newer version of vBulletin are still on the plate and we will get around to do those until around mid 2013.

We are currently also looking into ways to improve the subscription for new players. The idea is to decrease the disparity between end-game players with full AA trees and players that arrive at the end-game. This is something that many of you veteran players have mentioned to be worth taking a look at and we are planning to do that. More details to follow.

Another hot topic is the single-server tech and the plans with it. We are aware that all of you want to know more about it and we should be able to announce the latest news about the status very soon now.

And last but not least, Massively has been talking to Game Director Joel Bylos about the centralized TSW, AoC, and AO development team. You find that interview on