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Thread: Crom Raid Progression

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    Quote Originally Posted by stalkerfan View Post
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    yeah so here is mine + 15&2*1/4

    anyway sounds like some fun out there doing t5, but mehhhh i always been kind of pvp and some rp junkie so it aint for me that crazy week by week tireness grind

    please vouch for new mini, crafting revamp and rankings/achievments to be made faster - cos this is niceeeeeeeeee stufffffffff, and ofc finaly rage out transfers


    t6 can wait - honestly so much pve already in here :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by stalkerfan View Post

    Given its a MW and RN joint venture you can indeed say Oceanic considering 99% of MW are Aussies or Kiwis and only raid from 9 till late Aussie time.
    sry, I momentarily confused word oceanic 'guild' kill they have 2 'guild' raid teams, main raid and oceanic raid. so i thought he referring oceanic 'raid' team :P
    but even considering that, that couldn't be rn kill :P
    the who obsessed with stonesoup ;p

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    Default Amarok (Schattenwind and Friends) Yakhmar unchained down!

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    Default RA Kills Vistrix

    Rogue Angels Guild Leader and Progression Raid Leader

    Tmanku 80 Guard | Tmanil 80 ToS | Tmanosu 80 DT | Tmanbank 80 BS | Tmanfu 80 Demo | Tmanwu 80 Ranger | Tmanpope 80 PoM | Tmanpointy 80 Sin | Tmanbarb 80 Barb | Tmanfire 80 HoX | Tmannecro 80 Necro | Tmanblade 80 Conq | Tmanlite 80 Guard | Tmantosjr 80 Tos | Tmandemojr 80 Demo | Tmanthethird Saga Guard

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    Quote Originally Posted by tman1991 View Post

    Way to go team! That's a tough fight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tman1991 View Post
    Woot finally! Fights definitely a chaotic fire drill to the end.
    Grandmaster Tos
    Rogue Angels
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    GZ, Rogue Angels!
    Kattas - 10.PvP, full T6 and full AA demo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redd View Post
    Tainted Souls killed Kylliky T5!
    gz pplz

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