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Thread: Should I keep adding into Sharpshooter

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    Default Should I keep adding into Sharpshooter

    I'm pretty much Solo PvE,

    I reset already once, because I had points going every where, and I wanted that Leg hold trap, also I no longer melee

    I was wondering if I should try and get a few more outta Sharpshooter before placing points in Waylayer.
    I'm not sure which Feats are more important at this point

    my current Feats

    There are Feats in Waylayer I want to get, but how should I prioritize in spending the feat points, or does it really matter at this stage ?

    I guess part of what I'm asking , am I going on the right track, so far ?

    Been going over the topic 'ranger builds' , tho that's not a guide, but I was using it as a feat guide for me, hoping that the info is still good from there

    eta: I was thinking I may look something like this at 40
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