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Thread: Dawnsong wants you!

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    Default Dawnsong wants you!

    Dawnsong!! A social raiding guild since 2008.

    We still want a few more for raiding and socializing with us.

    Very active guild with lots of raids and groups, we even do T1 sweeps for our new and inexperienced members.
    We got it all, T3 City, renown 20, forum and website, botserver, voice server. You name it.

    Come join the greatest guild on Crom :-D all levels accepted, but age limit is 18yrs old.

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    Fun to see such life in the guild hall again, and people said this game was dead? ;-)
    Even the US servers seems to be very active, we have had American players joining EU Crom for quite some time saying the US servers were deserted. They must have been blind, or on the wrong server it seems. :-)
    For new players, getting a guild membership is a must for you all. If you want to raid, be social, get groups or whatever, in a guild your chances will increase dramatically.
    I think there is a guild for all kinds of players out there, casual, raiders, role players, hardcore or whatever you like. Shop around folks...if you want a social raiding guild gimme a call! :-D

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    Still looking for a few more hands!
    Both exp and unexp players welcome to join as long your over 18 yrs old.

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    Suddenly it got harder to stay on top of the guild recruitment page here ;-) would maybe be a good idea to split it between EU and US servers since players from the two continents mostly wont look for a guild overseas.
    Cool to see there is a lot of action again though :-D

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    Yeah join Dawnsong, great bunch of guys. I am biased of-course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Callypiso View Post
    Yeah join Dawnsong, great bunch of guys. I am biased of-course.
    Biased?? naah dont think so ;-) hehe

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    Most wanted classes right now!

    Hox, Sin, Ranger, BS. If I should rank them I would say BS first of all. Chars that can join a T3 without wetting themselves.

    All other classes and lvl`s also welcome as long as your over 18yrs old.

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    Friday nite BRC raid tonite...if you need a guild and some gear/exp let us know before 20 CET. ;-)

    We do a lot of raids for new and returning players to help them back into the game and give them some exp/gear.

    Cheers! :-D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thainster View Post
    5 out of 4 Roleplayers chose Asgardian Exiles :-D
    5 out of 4 Lunatics choose Dawnsong! :-D

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