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    Default How to Heal

    To any prospective reader: Sorry folks, this guide has been removed. You're on your own.
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    In addition, healers can contribute a lot of damage in the raid, many times being in the top 25% contributors in dps, while also providing the best heals. This is really important come T3 + T4 raiding, and Khitai dungeons. Healers in Age of Conan can dps very well and provide heals.

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    Very nice writeup! Here is some data that might give newbies an idea of how healing basics work in AoC, from a post by a guildie in an old raid forum. The post was entitled "healing & math"... it had a lot more math in it (about feated heals and AA), but since some of that information is now outdated I will only repost the figures on the main heals (blue, green, nuke).

    This also shows why aggro switching is so important in this game: The maximum healing a tank will receive (ignoring feated heals and AAs, as well as tank self-healing e.g. via DT life taps, which make some difference but do not change the overall picture) is approx 410 hps, from the main heals and a regular health pot. Needless to say, the incoming damage on the aggroholder will usually be above 410 dps. As such, your job as a healer is not just to keep the current aggroholder alive. Importantly, you must also make sure that the previous aggroholder who may be low on health gets healed up asap, so he can fight for aggro again.


    And here come the numbers:

    Blue heal 192 hp / sec
    Green heal 64 hp / sec
    Nuke heal 1480 hp / 60 sec = 25hp / sec


    And one more thing that for me kinda like explains the difference between solo healing and raid healing and what Funcom thought originally.

    I leave feats and AA out here, for you can pretty easily see where they go.

    20 - 25 heal per second is 1 point.

    Single healer sees this:
    Nuke heal is 1 point
    Green heal is 3 points
    Blue heal is 9 points

    Tanks with 3 healers see this:
    Nuke heal is 3 * 1 point = 3 points
    Green heal is 2 * 3 points = 6 points
    Blue heal is 1 * 9 points = 9 points

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    Fresh players shouldn't put so much stress on casting blue heal not more often than 13-15s.

    For a starting healer it's better to just make sure it's always running - a few seconds without blue heal are far worse, than not casting it optimally.

    Whenever you have a doubt if the blue heal is running (f.e. because of your particle effect settings or overall mess on the battlefield), don't waste time to check - just cast it.

    I've seen too many times when healers wouldn't cast it often enough (2 healers and no blue heal running on tanks - wipe in 5...4...3...) - that's much worse than spamming.

    Fun fact:
    PoMs using fully feated Purification of Mitra will rather want to spam the blue heal every 11s to keep the dot on all the time.

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    Well... ToS should spam Life of Set on all melees rather often if they have Empowered Life of Set and Tripumphant Life of Set feated. Not only will it improve your overall group/raid dps, but your personal dps aswell as you don't spend all your time with every spell on cooldown. It's sooo effective to weave in those stormcharge+TLoS hits.

    Alot of noob ToSes don't spam LoS enough. So as much as I agree with the things you say here, please don't encourage ToSes not to spam blue heal if they have these very common feats feated.
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    BS can feat 100% weapon dmg increase on activation of green heal. You should use this as often as possible on the last step of a big hit combo.

    BS can feat weapon dmg increase on the first 10s of a blue heal. BS should cast blue heal before the dmg increase runs out.

    Good guide otherwise

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scandral View Post
    BS can feat weapon dmg increase on the first 10s of a blue heal. BS should cast blue heal before the dmg increase runs out.
    It's 15s, 10s is for Balance of Nature.

    Anyway, the extra +192hp is the LAST thing you should think of when casting a blue heal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Misiuggah View Post
    Anyway, the extra +192hp is the LAST thing you should think of when casting a blue heal.
    Spot on - as you guys showed, this applies to all classes:

    * ToS should spam the blue heal for Empowered / Triumphant Life of Set;
    * BS should keep up the weapon damage buff from Blood Champion;
    * PoM has this DoT thing from feated Purification of Mitra.

    [Side note: I remember ages ago, some raid leaders would talk about assigning a "main blue healer", and ask other healer to use a lower rank of their blue heals (to get their buffs / debuffs running without overriding the main blue heal, so the main healer could apply the double tick). I haven't heard of this in a very long time though, guess it's because this only is viable in very static encounters with few / no changes in positioning; plus of course the double tick is pretty much irrelevant anyway...]

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    The thing about assigning one "main blue healer" was all about ego and had nothing to do with actual tactics.

    I think it is important to stress also that you should not just be looking at cooldown all the time, this will make you worse not better. Dont worry about spamming when starting up, if you are doing something that is always better than doing nothing.

    As Misiuggah said the fastest way to fail is to let the tanks be without blue heal.

    If you are starting as a bear shaman i will suggest my Bear Shaman 101 Movie where i show how to play the BS without looking at cooldowns all of the time, and how everything can naturly "just happen" with the right preparation.

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    From a PVP perspective, what makes a good healer is your desire to win over your desire to get kills. If you are winning your encounters, you will get kills too because alot of your abilities are predicated on doing damage.

    Things to remember:
    -Make sure everyone has rings around their feet... even at full health.
    -Make sure you cast your greens every time they are off cool down.
    -Don't rush in to save one person. Make it clear that you are with the group and if someone is pushing in 1v5 then they are going to have to run out for heals. Moving as a group wins...... moving solo loses.
    -use ALL of your abilities. Too many healers forget to use their group buffs / protections.
    -Manage your Mana properly. If you aren't sure how, ask.
    -Stay alive. A dead healer helps no one.

    and most importantly MAKE SURE EVERYONE ALWAYS HAS RINGS!!!!!!! (said it twice because it's most important)
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    You either like the game or you don't. If you are hanging around because you feel like I am stringing you along with false promises, don't.

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