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Also, dont forget the mitigation curve is not linear past a certain amount of armor. I don't remember the numbers but it does something like:

Before 55% physical mitigation: 1 point of armor gives you X% mitigation
Past 55%: 1 point of armor gives you a fraction of X%
diminishing returns starts when you get past 50% mitigation from armor or prot alone.

crazy mathematics gave me this closest approximation so far :
- keep in mind that you have 2 "sources" of mitigation : immunity to damages (XX% value), and armor for physical / protection for magic (integer value)
if armor>50*D then Mitig = (100-(armor/D))*Immunity + (100- (5000*D)/(50*D + armor))
if armor<50*D then Mitig = (100-(armor/D))*immunity + armor/D
Try it with D=219.6 for armor and 73.7 for prot