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Thread: Map to get around in Hyboria

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    Default Map to get around in Hyboria

    Here is a "Road Map" for Hyboria.

    If you have problems with Google Docs, try this link:

    If you see any errors, let me know.

    Tip: download the document for better zooming in your pdf viewer..
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    You get ported to the Soul Chamber without going through Onyx now. And you can't get in to Onyx from there either, but get ported back to Khalanthes.

    Also Croms rock destiny bit is at level 60.
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    Wow I never knew this existed.

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    You can get to all 3 pvp Areas from the respective gathering zones. If I remember right you can also get to Atzels Approach from Lacheish Plains, Kheshatta from Purple Lotus Swamp, and Thunder River from Poitain. There is another zone off of Wild Lands Of Zeleta (Can't remember the name off the top of my head. Border something). Field of the Dead connects to Ymir's Pass.

    Then there is:
    Wild Lands - Poitain
    Field of the Dead - Lacheish Plains
    Khopshef Province - Purple Lotus Swamp

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    Thanks for info Tapwater and Scythie..
    Both links are updated with new versions
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    "Border Ranges" is the zone that you access through Wild Lands and its level 29+ I think.

    It is amazing just how big the game it when you see a map like this one. Awesome job
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    there is also an arena that can be accessed from fields of the dead, clicking a statue on the way to kylly's crypt...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yawgmoth-VDN View Post
    there is also an arena that can be accessed from fields of the dead, clicking a statue on the way to kylly's crypt...
    IIRC this "statue" was spawning if several locations - looks like monkey or something.

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    The Outflow Tunnels in Old Tarantia seem to be missing. (Solo, level 35)

    Also the level ranges for Treasury of the Ancients and Pyramid of the Ancients seem a bit off. They should both be level 37-38.

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