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    I wan not sure where to put this thread as old "Fansites" section disappeared. Most likely suits to off-topic


    If you got any problems or questions you can post in this thread.

    Source code:

    EDIT 2013-03-08:
    Tonight might be some problems with accessing website as I'm moving hosting to "cloud", because of problems and low performance with previous provider :-)

    EDIT 2013-03-12:
    It seems there are some issues with db connection, need to find out what's up with this

    EDIT 2013-03-17:
    Issues with DB should be fixed and also there landed refresh to design and some inside modifications.

    EDIT 2013-03-21:
    I think I've fixed most bugs I've found but if you find any let me know :-) It might take up to 48h to see newest version because of hosting & DNS change. Now also accepting SSL connection and in future all logins will be forced for SSL.

    EDIT 2014-10-08:
    Updated to patch 4.4
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    Switching hosting provider and also doing some backend changes. Some distributions can happen in next 24h.

    BTW. if you would notice any bugs after change let me know :-)
    Take care! - Age of Conan feat planner
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    Good Luck with your move and thanks for the contribution.
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