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    Good day Hyboria,

    We recently started up the Age of Conan Roleplay community (

    With the release on Steam and the release of the new expansion the Secrets of Dragon's Spine we hope more people and especially roleplayers will dive into Age of Conan again. To help the roleplay community of Age of Conan we hope that our website can contribute to this. So thats new and old players can see that there is a active roleplaying community for Age of Conan amongst the other roleplay communities for the various MMO's.

    Our community is part of the Enjin network which houses more roleplay community for many different MMO's suchs as Guild Wars 2, The Secret World, The Old Republic etc. We are also part of the MMO Roleplay community on Enjin ( Because we are on Enjin close to the other roleplay communities we hope to get more people interested in this great game.

    We would like to ask the current roleplayers of Age of Conan to show what the game has to offer, we are actively looking for writers to write about lore, events and more. But also we hope that the current roleplayers of Age of Conan tell the Age of Conan roleplay community about their stories, guilds and more so that new players know where to find roleplay in Age of Conan.

    Feel free to visit and join us @

    We respect the forums Funcom provides but we hope to give the roleplay community a bit more space.
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    great stuff! Keep it going.

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    Just a little update, we migrated our website to seperate hosting contract. We were part of a gaming community but this caused some problems with the domain forwarding.

    So we decided to move our part away to a stand alone site.

    We are live but it might take a day or two to find us as it takes 48hours to update all ISP's around the globe.

    So if you cant find us, we are not gone just hiding a bit

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    The best of luck!

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    The website seems to have disappeared again

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Numi- View Post
    The website seems to have disappeared again
    So it would seem.

    But you always have
    There you have most of the role-players on Crom, online.

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    We had some issue but thats fixed now

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    Yeah. As is

    I'm sure they all had their understandable reasons.

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    I would imagine so. Still, it's sad...especially since I was waiting for the server merge before really getting into RPing...

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