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    Default EU Based Server.

    Game is dead without this.

    Majority of Playerbase is from EU, the current quality of the game is pathetic.

    Funcom's Latency Detonation crits you for 4800 millisecond damage. Claret died.

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    Cool story bro ~
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    My apologies if any of these are fixed already or been made moot. I started this list a long time ago. Then I took a few months off and just came back.

    Things that are below your level enough to appear in grey will not attack even if you walk right up to them. That doesn't seem right. They should have a smaller agro radius but a snake should still strike you if you step on it regardless of the level difference.

    My Quest tab of Inventory is mysteriously getting quite full. I assumed that if I dropped a quest then any items I was given to complete it would also disappear but I just tested it and they don't. I picked up "Letters on the Road to Baishan" in Paikang, verified that I was given a scroll case, then dropped the quest and checked to see if the scroll case was removed from my inventory. It was not. So quest items are apparently just stacking up and there is no way to even know which items go with which quests. What is worse, I picked up the quest again and now I have TWO scroll cases in my quest inventory! Quest items need to be associated with particular quests and be removed if that quest is dropped, and before dumping a quest item into a players inventory a check should be performed to make sure it doesn't already exist.

    Guan-xiu in Northern Grasslands is giving the conversation to begin Battle of the Quarry (Scarlet Circle faction quest) again after I completed it for the first time ever. I have seen a number of factions quests like that where you can do them for a first time then repeat again as a daily before getting the cooldown. In fact the precursor to this, called From Earth to Dust, is that way and I have it for the second time today. However, after going through the convo to pick Battle of the Quarry up again I get the message 'You cannot take a quest from this group until the cooldown finishes.' Don't offer the quest again if I can't pick it up.

    When turning in the quest "Scattered Bones" in Kara Korum, Yifu says 'putting all of its trust in twisted sorcery and none in the steal or valor of its people'. Correct the spelling so that it says, 'none in the steel or valor of its people'.

    When doing an advanced search on the Trader Buy tab, if I set the lower level to any level, such as 14, and the upper level to the _same_ level then no filtering by upper level is done. I see results from 14 to 80. I want to see results only _at_ level 14.

    In dungeons the map is blank except for X's where something important to a quest exists. Either just fully show the map when we enter or fill the map in for each individual as he explores it. But having a blank map in a dungeon we have explored before just makes playing AoC feel frustrating. Make it so that I can see where I need to go, where bosses are located, and can see other members of my group marked on the map.

    Add a comments field to the people listed under Friends and Ignored. I want to remember that someone is there because they helped me finish a quest somewhere or is on ignore for being a douche but not such a big douche that I would leave a raid just because they are in it, etc. Show the full contents of that comments field as a pop up when I put my mouse over their name. Comments on guild member names could also have uses.

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    [Pve] T1 unchained
    [PVe] T2 unchained
    [Pve] T3 unchained , the T3 before nerf.

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    Default Need some improvements to keep the game interesting

    Too many early level 80 quests, especially in Khitai are way to repetitive and boring. It is pushing players to repeat the same 6-12 quests over and over to rank up enough in one faction or another to get access to new quests and eventually good gear from that faction.

    Id love to see more quests with more than one way to accomplish the goal desired.

    Alot of traits appear to be listed just for decoration when even at high levels and good gear you have 0.2% chance to use it. The Fallout New Vegas (not competitive since it is a sp game), utilizes a critical chance attribute and multiplier much more effectively and in much more fun ways than AOC Of course you can pick targeting the head and increase damage, but this is a great balancing element for weapons and gear as it lets even fairly low level weak weapons stand a chance at taking down higher level higher health enemies if you are skilled enough to use it the right way.

    Kingdom Heroes (another mmorpg but it is now defunct, at least in the US and Europe since if it is still around at all it is only available in Asia) had features such as factions way before AOC, and it did it in a much grander scale and more fun way. You could also essentially hire your own army or at least escorts or bodyguards to permanently follow you unless they died and you failed to revive them. You were even able to level them up and give them different gear as you did so and could even name them. As big as cities in aoc are, the ones in kh were even larger and you did not have to always jump to a new uploaded map to see it all. This was not all it had, but just some of the most interesting features that aoc later acquired or did so in a lesser fashion. They could adapt and use some of the elements from this game to enhance it.

    We would love to have larger guild banks or a chance to increase the size of them with higher renown. It might be more prudent to also or instead, give players their own personal multi-account stash in which they can store shared resources or more easily transfer gear to other characters.

    There needs to honestly be more and more easily accessible resource mining locations. As guild cities level up it takes increasingly ridiculous amounts of materials to upgrade them which becomes more and more difficult to share limited space with so many players and there are much fewer higher tier mining locations than the lower level ones. So can there not be either more, or some spots guilds can claim or purchase to farm materials from more efficiently? Not to mention, like some classes, some materials are grossly imbalanced with respect to level, player needs, and availability. You need tons of rough leather for armor making for each level for the first 2 tiers of crafting and yet it is harder and rarer to come by than all but the highest tier and rarest materials and even some of them seem to appear more frequently than rough leather.

    It has been said many times, but honestly it is true, if other games can do it, then why can not aoc? I have played several mmorpgs that lets players have their own small residence. It is either a house, apartment, sometimes a room, or such, but there are so many games that allow it except this one? It is a bit out of pace with the competition in that respect.

    Inventory in both the bank, quest items, personal inventory, and such can so easily get overwhelming that becomes almost a full time online job just to sort it.

    I am sure many of us have said this or something similar, it would be cool to be able to trade for materials and trade up for better gear or more fitting gear for your particular class. Even if you had to pay extra in compensation like 4 level 5 swords to get one level 8 improvement, which seems like overkill but it would certainly help players manage their inventories and give them more than one way to get things needed.

    The in world item stores are useless. None of them ever really has anything any player would ever want or need, they almost seem a waste to even exist. They need better selections or better uses such as, what if they could do the above and reforge say some level 5 sword into a level 8 with the use of 3 similar swords thrown in.

    Feat trees are a pain to figure out, it would be neat if you could try out higher level characters before you select one like another popular game, or perhaps sample the effect of feats before committing like in some spar arena. Too many options on the feat trees appear to be useless that it becomes hard to find a good mix, that or perhaps make the feats a bit more balanced in the sense of usefulness. It must be so otherwise I would not see so many posts about how many feats are pointless to have. This would not be so critical if the classes were more fairly and evenly balance relative to each other.

    I wait a long time for new or better items to buy in the item store or in the vet store but like some of the feats and most inworld item stores, most of it is not worth getting. Item store would work better if more items were offered that could be used on all avatars on an account or if it were gear that leveled up with the player rather than have a set number then it would make sense to spend real money on it. So instead of a robe that gave +50 mana and +12 intelligence, one that gave +5% intelligence and + 5 % mana or something would be far more attractive to buyers that spend real money. I would love to see more companion options too in both stores. And pets should be a little more effective then they are, they may not need to equal a comparable leveled player but they should at least be as good as 4/5ths of the ability of a player no more then 2 maybe 3 levels down, other wise they are little more than decoration and essentially have no viable use in the game.

    Several classes are under powered relative to other players. This is probably due in large part to the nature and style of each player but the game does not offer any kind of effective counter balance to offset any of these fundamental weaknesses and give some classes a fair fighting chance. Take the necromancer for example, its main deal is damage over time magical attacks and summoning pets, but the dot often takes almost as long to cast them as they do to work their damage on opponents, and pets are for the most part so weak they are little more than parlor tricks. The necromancer also has too much focus on the wrong types of pets, magical, the necromancer is already a magical figure and does not need to depend so heavily on pet magic especially when that magic is so ineffective anyway. The necromancer should have at least one power they can cast for more rapid instant damage at least if they are magic focused over pet focused, and the pet focused necromancer should have at least one pet that absorbs hits and has higher health than other pets, and all pets in general should be at least modestly effective not the equivalent of flies on a dinosaur.

    The mounts are probably more unbalanced than the classes, but not so much they are quite so obvious since not everyone can truly sample all the mounts. The rhino has about the same health and attack power as the elephant but travels faster and longer, and being shorter it is easier to navigate some of the tighter parts of maps. The wolf, has greater stamina than any mount at least according to every thing I have read about them, which means riders can ride them all day at top speed and never have a slow spell. These two mounts have great advantages over all other mounts. The armored horses should be almost comparable in many ways but I have not heard or read much about them save that they are even harder and costlier to get with out much of a huge advantage over the two just listed.

    *** Summary***
    I hope the next upgrade fixes some of the imbalances, adds new more attractive items to the item store and the veteran rewards stores, adds some more quests or adjusts requirements for ranking in khitai so that it is not a borefest of rinse and repeat the same small number of quests to get there, adds new functions to guild cities for such things as events cause those really add to the fun and flavor of having or being part of a guild city and distinguishes it from playing alone, though some towns in world have such events. I would like to see more of that. And lastly, I wish they would either get ride of the dumbed down version of the false adult clothing layer or actually make it modestly adult level, the fuzzy breasts and the shadow of shorts where the lower half should be is more like an insult to adult players for which this game is supposed to be made. It is like having the parents from Flashdance telling you, that you can shower but wear a bathing suit. Not that I am toting a totally pornographic game but having that element within a more traditional style mmorpg does make it stand out, but for a game set in a world full of lewd behavior, it is still too pg for its own good. Even rated PG-13 movies have more flavor with respect to and of adult only assets. I am almost more disturbed by seeing avatars or enemies beheaded than any pretend allusion to nudity or beyond. Also, generally speaking the game feels dead, though it is supposed to be alive and vibrant but even compared to other similar games in recent memory the sheer lack of response, interaction, and expected behavior of various npcs makes you feel more like you are walking through a graveyard than a city or perhaps a animatron display at Disney world. So lastly, I hope they add more and more various behaviors to npcs such as coming to aid players near a gate in trouble when hostile forces approach, I mean they are supposed to be guards aren't they? Shouldnt they at least act like them and prevent entry to non friendly forces? and so on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lokrian View Post
    [misc] get rid of aa's. grandfather in equivalent lvl 5 aa bonuses as standard, keep perks and develop, raise lvl cap to 85/90 to allow game progression and release new content. no development = no players
    There kind of already is a higher level progression. You can get up to 10 extra ranks in pvp after level 80 or even before if you play sooner, and there is also the aa tree and epic gear that you can only get on certain higher level quests. All this put together will essentially turn a level 80 avatar into closer to a level 90 plus, just not officially declared as such. That being said, it would be cool to see it level out at an even 100, but then if you keep raising you have to wonder where does one draw the upper limit line?

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    [PvP] add a pvp3 staff for pom
    [PvP] add a hybrid neckl/ring for hox/dt

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    PVP :
    - give more rewards (Tokens, pots, pvp AA and pvp exp) from killing someone in open world.

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    [Misc] Let F2P players access any Tier (including T4) but don't let them loot anything or gain any Mastery points (except the current playfield they have access)

    Let them taste the flavor but don't let them catch the candies

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    Exclamation good if they do it

    Quote Originally Posted by Greshakei View Post
    PVP :
    - give more rewards (Tokens, pots, pvp AA and pvp exp) from killing someone in open world.
    its nice but need give some rewards for mini turnament (token or gold)
    and maybe ppl return play old mini premade!

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