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Thread: Random crashing to desktop for no reason

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    Default AoC Has encountered an error and needs to close

    Was roaming around the forums and found out my problem came from this Win 7 x64 platform update (KB2670838). Uninstalled it and went from crashing 1-2 times an hour to 0 in 3hrs. After researching it found out the June 2010 DirectX SDK are incompatible with this platform update:


    There's a fix for windows 8 if you have this update but can't find one for Win7 unless it uses the Win8 update but that can be found here

    hope it helps
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    And that was my problem. Haven't crashed all day, and my fraps is working again with aoc now as well not that it matters to anyone, lol.

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    Glad you found a solution. I will recommend this thread for as a possible solution for others that may be crashing also.
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    fact; did this and went from crashing twice an hour to crashing 0 times since back...

    It is almost criminal for the aoc staff not to inform their gamers of this

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    Removing that win update did indeed help, but since update 4.4 crashing continues even without this win update. Usually after 30 mins or so, i would be kicked to main menu, which is blank and every time i relog, i have that bug where i'm unable to sprint until i go to sneak. Please help. I use win 7 64, i5 4670, 8gb ddr3 1600, radeon 7950 3gb, samsung ssd 840 pro.

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