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Thread: Failed to authenticate with character server BUG

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    The fact that this still exists is so damn dumb.

    Fix what's broken already Funcom!

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    this is most annoying every time I try to relog to an alt character i get this failed to authenticate with character server and then cant log in for an hour!

    would appreciate if you'd fix this already since I basically cant raid

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    Annoying problem, especially when you are doing AA check on all characters

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    doubt this well get looked at if this problem as been going on for this long. Still having this problem even after changing servers. Need to log into an alt account just to kill time until it refreshes it's self after an hour or so.

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    I also have this issue, strange thing is some players have this problem and many don't. As for my connection it's perfectly stable don't get it why should I get auth.error when switching chars.
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    I just resubed after 2 1/2 years (fresh install) I log in and then logg out and voila I find that I cannot even login to the game and play.
    "Logging in ... Failed to authenticate with the character server".
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    Default failed to authenticate

    Just so you know I don't believe anyone can log in it says failed to authenticate.

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    I get the same thing "failure to authenticate". smh

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    Cant log in after patch. Failed to authenticate.

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