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Thread: Failed to authenticate with character server BUG

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    Yes it would be nice if they take the time to fix this. It effects most everyone in the game. But funcom is no longer supporting AoC, it seems to be just talk as usual. That's all Funcom as left is talk.

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    everytime it happens it means I need to wait 15 minutes until I can log back in aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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    Quote Originally Posted by thecoral View Post
    I have same issue. Game was stable until lost internet connectivity. After 2 or 3 times connection lost cause of internet provider, i got same issue. How can we fix this.
    This is exacly the issue I have... my useless crappy ISP constantly causes lag dropouts on all MMO's that I play (about 3 or 4 times a night)... I've just come back to AoC after almost a year, and this siht is still happening? Ymir's arsehole, fix it already!!!!

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    Angry Fail to authenticate with character server

    Log in toon, play, log out of toon to character screen receive this message every time!, don't bother contacting customer support, they give u the run around because they have no idea how to fix it.

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    if your problem is the box popping up while changing toons, and NOT the 15 minute bug where you can't log into your account for 15 minutes, then there is a temporary fix/workaround here.

    It will also fix the preview of what armour is displayed on your character select screen, for each toon you apply the fix to. But the problem eventually comes back until you fix it again.

    Regarding the 15 minute "account locked out" bug, this does not fix that problem. That problem is related to the game thinking you are on the character select screen and waiting for you to time out/choose a character, when you really aren't.

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    Woo 6 months old issue
    Your Storm Field critically healed Officer of the Wolves for 7038.

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    Default Failed to authenticate with the character server

    I'm getting this message with all my characters, so I can't log in to use your solution....

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    The appearance bug was fixed on the moving to the us server for us europeans at least. The auto loggin fails about every time for everyone. Live with it until they take the time from the secret world to fix it.

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    Default i can't login for 2 months people help meee

    i can't login too guys help me for 2 months now i can't login everytime it says authenticating then i login to character select and then when i choose a character it says failed to connect

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