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Thread: Failed to authenticate with character server BUG

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    Any chance this will be fixed in the future...?

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    already a thread like this:

    so check it out,i gave a tip how to quick fix if that happens:

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    Never had an issue with this....until today.

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    congratz welcome to the club. Use AoCQS to skip patcher and cutscene if you have it. everytime you wanna change char press exit and run the game again with AoCQS set to skip the boring stuf. Forget about relogging like a normal human being from now on .

    btw when a new patch comes dont forget to un-tick the AoCQS skip stuff checkbox.

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    Try setting your DNS manually.

    Since I am using and (google dns) this problem is gone for me. Of course there are plenty other dns out there, google was just my choice.

    If this is the solution then Funcom might only need to replace hardcoded domain names with numeric IP address.

    hope this helps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aylis View Post
    Still getting this. Been well over a month since i 1st reported this and still no fix. Ya i get you guys are moving but sheeesh.
    Do i get some time added to my sub for all the time in game i missed. 15 mins each time it happens i think you owe me 4 or 5 hrs so far.
    Fix this bug and we can call it even.

    Over a month? This garbage has been happening for years, and they don't know how to fix it, pathetic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ogrethedestroyer View Post
    Managed to finally fix this issue, unfortunately it involved subb'ing to a GPN. Worth it though, considering now I can play without any issues. I went with WTFast. They have a free 30-day trial for anyone interested in trying it out. Maybe it can help some of you, as it has me.
    Hi, i'm using wtfast as well, didn't work for me, what port u use on "manage setting" from 22,80,443, etc and which server location u use?


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    Any one having this problem atm or is it just me?

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    so let me see if i get this right; the game crashes, and you get blocked from logging back in for 15 minutes minimum??

    There just aren't words for a gamer to explain how much of a fail this is....

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