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Thread: Circumventing the Game Errors

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    Yep I noticed that huge fps drop too, I run windowed mode. I just minimize game back to desktop and maximize again.

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    The very fact that this thread exists and that many of these have been around for a VERY long time, and are/ should be relitivly easy coding fixes is a testament to bad prioritization inside of FC. Anyways, now that my rant is done. I will contribute as players shouldn't suffer for idiotic management teams.

    This is for those that do crafting, when searching on the trader if you are looking for USABLE recipes (checking usable checkbox), it will still show ALL items even recipes you already have memorized.

    Fix is to OPEN your recipe book, select any recipe. Then close it. Now when searching on the trader it will accurately display only the usable recipes.

    Think I reported this a few years ago.

    2. If you seem not to be able to do combinations of items that form stacks of 100+
    Error occurs when crafting stacks 100 or greater. Cant be done, game for some reason will only craft 99. If you select more then 100 it will make 1 and stop. Solution is to craft 99.
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    for the #1 fix, you can also look directly up to the sky (or ceiling) and look forward again, it will zoom all the same but you don't have to scroll.

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    While this is really good post this is also really strange topic to begin with. If Funcom would maintain the game and do normal patching with bugfixes we would now have this kind of various goofy by passes for errors.

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    So how u able to fix beards showing in character lobby ? I dont get it.

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    Game is stuck at "Reading Content" at 100%. Either Ctrl+alt+del and reload, or load a second client and kick yourself offline. The client that was stuck will be kicked to logon screen if you do the latter.

    You are locked to the same instance of a dungeon and the lockout has already expired - Log out for a few minutes and sit at the character screen. (I usually just do this with the person the instance was bound to)

    You are stuck in a group after a minigame, and can't join a group for raids, 6mans etc. Log out of game for about ~5 minutes. The exact time is when your guild gets the message "Player has logged off" in white text. You can log an alt to see this message.

    Players, objects, NPC's are invisible. Close the game, go to
    Age of Conan\RDB\ folder, delete RDBHashIndex.bin, launch the patcher and let it update.

    Your AA perks (such as CC break) do not work. Typically happens when you join a mini dead or log in dead. Remove perks from perk bar and re-add.

    Your character is stuck turning or strafing to one side -
    go to controls, and remove bindings for the numpad keys for moving around. AWSD binds only. This typically happens when you have things bound to the numpad (such as potions) which are bound to a mouse macro.

    Necro invisible in lich form - zoom all the way in, zoom back out

    You are stuck in geometry in an indefinite fall - reload the game (ctrl alt delete), or use totem of origins.

    Hotkeys aren't saving. (this helps if you have mutliple accounts such as one for f2p lowbie twinks or whatnot) Browse to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Funcom\Conan\Pre fs\<account> and copy hotkeys.xml from one account to the other. Right click the file, and make it read-only.

    Character outfit not updated in character screen. Browse to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Funcom\Conan\Pre fs\<account> and delete all the Char1234567 folders.

    Lots of people left the match (when mini pops), both teams are 3v3, people start joining, one team fills up first and it's 6v3. FUNCOM PLEASE FIX

    Two necros and healers on the other minigame team, your team has 0 healers. You're screwed.
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    Default No game options

    I'm having the problem with no game options showing up when I press F10 or ESC. It just shows the exit game and resume game options. I have no custom UI, everything is stock. It started after yesterdays patch. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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    Delete everyting under data\gui\default

    Run patcher.

    Note that all UI options will be reset to default, including keybinds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shax84 View Post
    Delete everyting under data\gui\default

    Run patcher.

    Note that all UI options will be reset to default, including keybinds.
    I thought keybinds are being stored online rather than on the pc? Quite sure it been like that since godslayer came

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    Someone is stuck in geometry, can't asura out, can't log out or if they do and come back they are still stuck (maybe stuck in falling or swimming animation), they don't want to wait for a GM to /petition.

    Sometimes you can go into hide, go on the same space as the other person who is stuck and then pop out of hide. This trick might get you stuck but can also pop him/her out of the stuck area. I've done it about four times and have yet to be permanently stuck in geometry and generally get them out.

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