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Thread: Demonologist Build 1 - 20 Step By Step Advice

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    Question Demonologist Build 1 - 20 Step By Step Advice

    Hi guys, just decided to roll a Demonologist. Anyways I am reading a guide from "" that is quite old(dated 8/18/2009) but still a bit useful. I would like to know where i should put my skill points for a free to play Demonologist levels 1 -20 specializing in fire. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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    Tou can't ealy go wrong with demo. Its so op so just experiment with what you think you will like.
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    Honestly, it's really really hard to spec wrong with a demo. The class is just so simple and easy that really 95% of builds can get the job done.

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    Level 20 build

    Level 40 build

    After that you can start to put points into Havoc side. Conflag offers more early than Havoc, which is why you do that side first. The build I linked is pvp oriented but at that level will work fine for pve too.

    Once you hit 60, you should be something like this

    Hope that helps.
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    Agree completely with xenic's builds.

    In case its not obvious where he is steering you, with the lvl 40 build you will have an insta cast and an aoe (frontal cone) knock back.

    You actually need to have an incinerate stack on a target before the knock back will fire so by feating this way hellfire stream will become instant cast with a 100% chance of putting an incinerate stack on - so to do a quick knock back its as simple hitting two buttons for an almost instant knock back.

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    Default I like the builds, but what about ???

    Black Ashes for the de-buff and to get an AoE detonate off to clear minions out?

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