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Thread: Dxgi.error NVidia 600 Issues

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    There is thread for this problem already

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    Quote Originally Posted by darknessjw View Post
    There is thread for this problem already
    Yes but looks like there isn't a mod that reads the technical issues section of this forum. If there is you have like 2 of these already to merge to the original thread about it.

    For OP this is not a solution. It might feel as if it crashes less but you will crash more again in the future. (I have tried this solution as it has been talked about earlier.)
    As for now there is no known solution to this problem. Use what ever anyone think works for them but it's more or less all just placebo effect. You want to find a solution to the problem that bugs the hell out of you and you switch settings around and WOAAH!! you get a night of gaming crash free!!! Well good for you as we all should get every night free of at least this crash. No matter how much you try of any currently reported "fixes" you will only get random crash here and there. Sometimes you crash more sometimes you don't seem to crash at all (what is it secretly fixed?! another crash!)
    Let's hope the new team is using their brains and would fix these major issues as THEY are what's wrong with the game ...nothing much else.

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    Well what I know is that in the time I played this weekend I should have have 20+ black screens but instead I had none at all. Considering that I played through some of the most extreme conditions this game has to offer 24 man raids, Khitai and Thunder River with high settings, I am counting it a success at least on my system.

    The only time my game had crashed while playing with DX9 without this change was when I would alt-tab. If I had a browser open with AOCfeats website up it would almost guarantee a crash on alt-tab. Not sure what is up with that.

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    • Remove daily rewards and the raid finder;
    • remove membership bonuses;
    • disable PVE XP for daily challenges;
    • remove WBs forever on Crom;
    • slow down the AA gain;
    • lower the PVP XP gain or remove the streak system;
    • remove AoE looting;
    • add the missing mobs back to Khesh., F. of the Dead, and Eigl. Mount.;
    • fix the 250+ms ping;
    • take the key away from Saddur;
    • revert T3, T3.5 (10.21.15), T4 (10.21.15), and GGG changes;
    • remove energy and add skills (like taunt) back.

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    Starcraft II also crashes with 600 cards, but maybe once in 20h

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    Quote Originally Posted by LunaticAsylumLA View Post
    This is the original...

    But that too should be merged into the original but seems like we don't have mods here.

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    well one thing to note is that this does not count every 600 card. when i got my GTX Titans i thougth it would keep crashing, but that didnt happen, iplay on DX10 everything maxed except Wind in trees. that did work for others aswell,GTX Titan and GTX 690.
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    Sad to report DX10 is still crashing for me. DX9 is doing fine though.

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    Default Video driver crash in border kingdom

    Game keeps crashing and get message video driver failed. Only happens when I'm in Border Kingdom CE. Never had this problem till latest AoC patch. Running GTX 670 with latest Nividia driver.

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    690 gtx constant crashing in YAG every 2-5 minutes - occsional crashing other areas.

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