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Thread: Dxgi.error NVidia 600 Issues

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    have latest drivers and since like 3 weeks now i havent had a crash even in full high setting in dx10.
    did had a few frozens screens not many then game resumes no fps or latency loss.
    latest driver seems to have fixed crashing

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    Quote Originally Posted by noite80 View Post
    did had a few frozens screens not many then game resumes no fps or latency loss.
    Sounds like a regular overheating problem. You should test your card with furmark.

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    I'm not entirely sure if this is the same issue, but I have received both errors playing AoC with my new rig.

    The first is the DXGI error, the second isn't an error message per se, but a lock-up while playing followed many minutes later by a recovery.

    This is the infamous nvlddmkm.sys failure that is the result of the Timeout Detection and Recovery system in Windows.

    But there's something I want to show ya'all.

    You will note at the bottom there's the usual list of deflections:
    - new drivers
    - dx errors req. update
    - temperature of the GPU
    - undo overclocking
    - clean-up power issues, including any UPS'.

    Now, we all know to look for these things because they're obvious (*cough-after we've been told-cough!*)

    But the issue persists.

    Now, if you are experiencing the nvlddmkm.sys curse, there is a solution!

    For win 7 64 .. TDR

    ok here we go.. command prompt - regedit - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE




    find the file type REG_DWORD ,, double click,, type in new value,, 0 turns of TDR

    OH, but wait; the REG_DWORD is reset to the default whenever you boot-up your computer! So you'll have to do this every time you start your computer.

    Unless, of course, you can do this:

    ... HAHAHAHA ... ah, that was funny. I'm sure there are people out there who own Visual FoxPro and don't mind writing a quick little program that writes to the registry ... but that's not me.

    SOooo, long story longer, we must wait for AoC and Nvidia to get together and fix this problem.

    Should be sometime in the next three to four years, I'd imagine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LunaticAsylumLA View Post
    So, let us revise it for NVidia:

    320.00b: no crashes reported;
    320.14b: no crashes reported;
    320.18: crashes.

    I shall test 320.18 first at home, and then 320.14b. It is not a good sign if the newest drivers still make the game crash.
    I have been running 320.18 for 20 days, and have not had a single Nvidia crash on my MSI GTX680. "Wind in Trees" is enabled. I shall keep you updated (I have not done Yag or Cimmerian End yet).
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    Somewhere along the road my crashes stopped. AoC has been running without a crash for several months now, all settings enabled. Maybe Nvidia managed to accidentally fix it?
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    Default Nvidia 680

    Hey..I have bought a new PC:
    i7 4770k
    32 gb ram
    asus z87 MB
    Samsung 840 ssd
    palit 680 4gb

    what ever what ever...
    my problem is this: when I am in a open area like outside TAS I have about 30% GPU usage.
    as soon I enter TAS it jump up tp over 70% and ofc the temp is going up too...
    is this maybe related with the FPS I get (outside around 70, inside 150).
    Is there some way to prevent that of happening, like limiting the fps (guess thats the problem) ???

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    the newest nvidia drivers also seem to suck. my fps went way down on my 680. thinking on reverting to an older one.
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    I have similar system, fps locked to 30. Feels like some console game, its stays always 30

    4770k 4,6 ghz (not stable)
    asus sabertooth z87
    16gb ram
    180gb ssd

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    Quote Originally Posted by longtail View Post
    Thx for that tip, but that didn't do the trick. Still as soon I enter TAS the FPS shoot up to 150 and the power usage, GPU temp with it

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