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Thread: Necro Builds

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derek-Drake View Post
    This thread has helped me so damn much. I've been using slightly different alterations to your specs posted here and I've been having great success with parsing extremely well in raids.

    May I ask why six corruptors and two blighted ones do more single target damage than using eight corruptors?

    I don't doubt you, because I have tested it on the dummies and in raids, but I can't see anything that would make it do more damage except for the fact that BO's seem to attack much faster than other pets.

    Edit: This is the spec that I use. I prefer corruptors to mutilators cause they seem to be able to reach the target better when 15 melee are standing around it. I always choose Unholy Inspiration over Flash Freeze.

    something like 200 dps there might have come from killing a charmed guildie :P

    hidden in that parser is barbs giving me buffs wich make pets do more damage, conqs afecting me+pets with extr crit rating, demos buffing me and pets all the time and overly evident tos buffing up pets damage and my own.
    and lets not forget torments+wracks+ruins debuffs wich you cant apply all by yourself.

    this simple picture of parser shows that the white hits done by pets balance out and all deal roughly same damage.
    corruptors deal slightly more dps then others followed by mutilators.

    corruptors deal extra unoly damae wich is proc based meaning each pet will individualy proc extra damage a few times per minute, this can be enhanced by feating corruping touch wich basicaly makes it proc more often, with it feated on regular bosses you can do averagely same damage as with mutilators.
    being a magic damage proc it will certainly deal more damage on mobs/bosses without normal magic mitigation.
    note corruptors have roughly 2handed range like a brute conq/hox

    mutilators place a dot wich stacks on target to 10 each rank dealing better and better damage and is afected to deal extra damage by group buffs and debuffs.
    be aware that even if multiple necros have mutilators atacking you will only see 1 mutilations stacking dot on target.
    not this is a physical damage dot.
    note mutilators have very short range like an assassin

    blighted ones aply 2 procs by default, stamina/mana drain and spiritual torment, they have realy tiny range like an assassin but they hit a whole lot more often then any other pet available.
    so 2 is enough to debuff and maintain spiritual torment at stack 5.
    also if you have bone hord wich is a piercing damage proc/dot blighted ones will proc it very often so having 2 bo wont make you do less damage if you have bone hord specd.

    hope this helps you mate.

    ps: i like this build better

    Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

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    I recently started playing again, (I played for a year or so after release) and I was looking for a leveling build for necro, mainly aoe, and survivability, is that possible with necro now?

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    Just curious whether this build would be viable for 6mans. It is a strictly PvE DtS build. So no pets, no PvP at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by secondbrother View Post
    just curious whether this build would be viable for 6mans. It is a strictly pve dts build. So no pets, no pvp at all.
    curse of pain is bad deal just forget it.
    that should work better your stun will be very fast and the root will work as well.

    i still like this build very much, misdirection is a life saver.
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    Gonna try running around with this tonight.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nusquam View Post
    You either like the game or you don't. If you are hanging around because you feel like I am stringing you along with false promises, don't.

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    [Guild] [Khramps]: All of your PvP specs fail without purge or Cannibalism

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    haha, I used to have Cannibalism in there but I didn't use it a ton. Figured I would try to see if I can survive without it.

    Trying to maximize the MoD heal and get as much as I can out of Ice Strike / chill... tough to get everything.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nusquam View Post
    You either like the game or you don't. If you are hanging around because you feel like I am stringing you along with false promises, don't.

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    is possible to play necro wiht nighfall build? without pets build in endgame content? T3, 3.5, khitai and T4?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Espectra View Post
    is possible to play necro wiht nighfall build? without pets build in endgame content? T3, 3.5, khitai and T4?
    pure nightfall builds arent a reality you always need things in reanimation to increase dps for despoil the soul gameplay, and that is true untill a fabled revamp happens.

    its possible but not best spec to use every fight, pets work a lot better in erlic with blood arcanists or reapers for self heals and because some bosses dont have magic protection, on lurker boss same pets work just as good better then dts builds, but overall in t4 apart from zodiac no reason to not do competitive dps with a dts based build.

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    Default qq

    Necromancers tree is very stupid and not giveing an ability to specialize in one specialization.
    Both nightfall trees are useless:
    1. Shatter was nerfed and now its useless - aint giveing nothing for PVP player.
    - Bones Of Frost - gives an extra damage for the spell, nobody use. And it is 5 priceless points.
    - Grip of death - chanaling spell which is not needed also. If we use a chanaling spell it is Parasitic Soul Swarm. One chanaling spell is more than enought. Very long recast time - 30 sec makes that spell useless also.
    - Shatter - is not a target to spend 11 points for nothing corse it gives no damage and long to cast.
    2. Ritual of th Lich.
    - Embrace deat - 5 point of nothing. that damage bonus u can recive doesnot cost 5 points.
    - Plagued hert curse - also gives a funney small damage that nobody counts, nobody eaven sence it. 5 point for nothing also.
    - Lich - finely we spent 11 poits for nothing and what do we got? Spells with 5 min cooldown are useless. Like Tome of Epithur, or all that **** with such long cooldowns, couldnt be usefull in PVP. Those 35 seconds of Lich once per 5 min is not a target to pay that price in points.
    SO NIGHTFALL specializations r closed for players. Infact nobody use it.

    What do we have in Reanimation tree?
    OK, General is not a bad one, but it could be used just for PvE content and its useless for PVP like a hole pet build.
    And the other brunch with that stupid Undead Champion is also wasting of 11 points for nothing.

    Thats why mostly necromancers r have to use castrated builds like hibrids in hole 3 specializations.
    That makes a necromancer week and not interesting. We cant use our final specializations but other chars can.

    Why dont u make Lich a smaller recast time also raise a protection from all sourse so it could be like an imunity aggs for other classes. it would be more interesting to play with. That branch would be mor attractive.

    If we talk about Shatter - let it make much more DPS and it will be usefull for siges and so on.

    Undead champion could be usefull for duel builds but it should have some more abilities and more DPS.

    It will give a necromancer some new dinamic if u make spells
    - Sets Ruin
    - Sets cold hatred
    - Blasphemy
    to be instant. raise there protection ability for necromancer and let us switch it in battle without waisteing 2 sec. So depends on class we ficht with we can chuse a tipe of protection from it.

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