• Paikang - The Scrolls of Ankh-Ausar: The quest item 'Scroll Case' should no longer spawn in an overflow bag, unless your quest item inventory is full.

Dragon's Spine
  • Sandcastles in the Air: Vultures will now drop Vulture Eyes if you fail the Trial by Fire and have to go back.
  • The Seals of Cetriss: You can now correctly interact with the fresco after playing the flute, even if you skipped the cutscene.
  • Kiss of Death: Fixed an issue where the Nomad Elder could end up being stuck in the desert and could not be interacted with.
  • The Death that Would not Come: Fixed an issue which could cause Gulbanda's Body to get stuck away from his spawnpoint.
  • The Crawling Chaos: Fixed an issue that would make Dreamscape of Leng inaccessible.
  • Corrected a typo or two in Dragon's Spine quest texts.

Mobs / NPCs
  • Serpent Men should no longer slide forward when recovering from a knockback effect.
  • Fixed an issue with some Excavation Guards attacking players while they were still green and could not be attacked in return.
  • The Disoriented Excavator's skintone of his head and body now match.

  • The Seals of Cetriss can no longer be shared with other players.
  • Fixed an issue where you might not receive Kalanthes' Gift if you do not accept the item before you are teleported.

Sepulcher of the Wyrm
  • Custodian of Yoth: Using the red orb will no longer kill the mystical adds.
  • Fixed an issue where the four switches of the light puzzle could get stuck.

  • The issue with missing GUI language elements of the Russian and Polish clients has been fixed.
  • Added the Dragon's Spine music to the random music played in character selection.
  • The fog in Dunes of Amenthes was tuned down a bit.
  • Fixed some environment items that were floating in the air or leaning against something invisible.
  • Added some additional music and sound effects to the Dragon's Spine playfield.