• Made several adjustments to improve server-side performance and lag issues.

Basiliks Encounter
  • The Tainted Blood effect in the Obsidian Basilisk encounter in the Jade Citadel Courtyard should once more upgrade Steadfast Faith to purge the petrification effect.

  • Bear Shaman: The Feat Balance of Nature now adds energy regeneration to the ability Blood Flow.
  • The following feats/abilities now grant energy regeneration for the caster and his group:
    • Guardian: Ability Battle Cry
    • Guardian: Morale Boost
    • Conqueror: Skirmish Banner
    • Conqueror: Improved Defiance
    • Ranger: Advantage: Recuperation
    • Priest of Mitra: Light of Mitra
    • Priest of Mitra: Guardian Spirit
    • Tempest of Set: Vital Shock