Server Merges have been completed

The announced server merges on EU and US have been done this week and there haven't been any reports of problems so far. We are, as always, keeping a close eye on any possible issues that might still pop up.

The free character transfers that we always offer after a server merge, have been activated on the account webpage ( This free character transfer offer is valid until 7th of September 2012 and can be used once per character.


Earlier this week we again activated the latest version on the Testlive servers which also includes the sprint mechanic changes and the Tempest of Set revamp. There have been quite a bit of tweaking and changing involved to the sprint mechanic in the latest update which also included more ability interaction, number tweaking and bug fixes. We are also closely following the feedback threads on the topic so please do keep on testing and posting your input on the Testlive forums. Thanks!

Fan-made Age of Conan Video

EU forum member Nuggi has put together an amazing 20 minute video showing Age of Conan. The reason he made the video was:
Quote Originally Posted by Nuggi
This 20 mins journey is made to show the MMO Age of Conan and it's great graphics with DreamWorld Engine, the breathtaking music, the PvP and PvE content, and to promote Rage server.
We think the video looks incredible! Well done and thanks a lot; Nuggi! You find that awesome video on YouTube.

Dark Horse Conan Motion Comic

Dark Horse Comics regularly puts up animated versions of some of their comics on YouTube. In July they did add the first Conan Motion Comic called „Rats Den“. Make sure you check it out on