The details about the upcoming server merge will get available soon. Right now the plan is to do the server merge on the US side on 7th of August and the EU merge on the 8th of August. All the final information will be made available early next week.

There have been updates to the Testlive servers on 27th of July and again on the 1st of August. They included additional changes to the Tempest of Set revamp as well as to the new Sprinting mechanic. Currently our plan is to have the ToS and Sprinting revamps ready for the live servers not too long after the server merges have been finished. Currently the version on Testlive is to test some aspects for the upcoming server merges. This might also mean that the Testlive servers are unavailable for some time today. We plan to have the version including ToS and Sprinting revamp available for testing on Testlive again later today or early next week.