The first version of the revamped sprint system has been made available on the Testlive servers end of last week. It is important to mention that this iteration was a very rough first version of the sprint revamp but it was important to get it to the Testlive servers early enough to get the input and feedback from players. Two days ago the first tweaks were added and some issues have been ironed out. Things like the stamina cost for some combos or how far a character can sprint before energy runs out and the time it takes to regenerate energy and similar points are still being worked on and more tweaks and improvements will be made.

If you haven't had the chance to check out the new sprint system yet you might want to take a look and try it for yourself on the Testlive servers. Your feedback on your experience is very important to us and we encourage everyone to let us know your input on the new sprint system once you had the chance to test it.