Update 3.3.5 was deployed to the live servers this week and we also had two additional hotfix updates to correct a few remaining issues with changes made to Thoth-Amon's Stronghold and the new 'The Entity' tier four raid encounter.

So far the feedback from players especially on the new Multi Feat Spec feature has been very good. We are of course monitoring the feedback and input provided by you guys to make sure we catch any possible issue there might be still.

In the meantime the work on the next updates is going full steam. We should be able to get a first version of the new Sprinting revamp to the Testlive servers relatively soon so you will get the chance to test it out.

Last but not least a short reminder for the Age of Conan Summer Survey mentioned in the last Monthly Development Update. If you haven't already taken the survey, you still have the chance. Besides getting the chance to let us know your view on various different topics, we will be awarding ten lucky participants lifetime premium accounts and one lucky responder will even have their character name immortalised in the game! The Age of Conan Summer Survey 2012 can be found here.