We are currently working on the next updates in the 3.3 series which, besides some tweaks and fixes, are planned to include new versions for level 80 players of Dead Man's Hand (solo), Forgotten City (solo) and The Breach (group). We hope to have the first iteration ready for testing on the Testlive servers either next week or the following one. Another planned topic for one of the 3.3 updates is the Sprint Revamp which will address the situation that with the current mechanic, sprinting uses stamina which is also important to most classes for their combos. The new system will introduce a new 'resource' to replace stamina for sprinting which will then be the deciding factor about how long a character can sprint. More details about this will be revealed in the weeks to come.

As mentioned in the last community update, MMORPG.com held a panel at PAX East the past weekend where several MMO companies attended to talk about the next decade of online games and their growing mass market appeal. Game Director Craig Morrison was also part of that panel and you can see the one hour video “The Future of Online Games“ on MMORPG.com.