Update 3.1

The US servers were updated with 3.1 this week. There were a couple of issues after the update mostly related to traders and performance during mini-games that needed to be fixed. There are still some reports about lag and we are currently investigating and analyzing these issues. As soon as we have more details, we will inform about the status.

Updates like that are always a challenge and even after a long testing cycle there always remains the possibility that something behaves differently when it is deployed to the live servers. That is something that can never be 100% avoided, especially with an update like 3.1 that includes many important back-end improvements and updates to the Dreamworld Technology which provide foundations for some of the new content and mechanics we have planned for next year and beyond.

The plan is to deploy 3.1 to the EU servers next week after the final issues have been ironed out. It will be announced as soon as we have all the details set up.

Player Spotlight

In the November edition of our monthly Player Spotlight, Polish player Misiuggah, an active and long time member of the EU forums, took the time to answer the questions.

You can read the latest Player Spotlight on the Age of Conan website.

Winners of the Age of Conan Facebook Contest

In October we started the Age of Conan Facebook Contest where we were giving away prizes like a Lifetime Premium Subscription, Item Packs, Funcom Points and, as part of the first prize, the exclusive opportunity to have an NPC named after one of the winner's characters. The winners of this competition have now been determined and we will announce them beginning of next week. The winners will also be contacted directly by e-mail.