Extra Life 2011

Extra Life (http://www.extra-life.org/) is an annual 24-hour video game marathon that raises money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. On October 15th, gamers from all over the world will attempt to play favorite video games for 24-hours straight for charity. It’s based entirely on an honor system with the intentions to play video games for a good cause. It’s the thought that counts, and everyone is welcome to join to give something back by playing their favorite video games during the 24-hour marathon for charity.

Funcom also supports Extra Life and their mission to raise awareness and donations for the Childern's Mircale Network. If you choose to participate you will in addition also have the chance to win one of the prizes Funcom will give away during this event:
  • The Secret World Beta Access
  • 1000 Funcom Points (All Funcom Games)
  • Custom Forum Avatar
  • Custom Forum Titles

If you want to join, check out the Age of Conan website where you can find all the details on how to be part of this great initiative.

Free Character Transfer now available

After the server merge on EU this week, the free character transfer option is now available on the account page. Every character is eligible for one free transfer and this offer is valid for one month starting yesterday. This transfer is free of charge and can be used once per character. This offer is also valid for characters from servers that were not merged (Mitra, Asgard and Rage). In the case of server Rage the offer is valid only to transfer a character AWAY from Rage but not TO Rage as ‘Blood and Glory’ ruleset servers have the "no transfer" policy.

Check out the Server Merge FAQ for more details and information about the character transfer option.

The one free day to compensate for the server merge downtime has also already been added to every active EU Premium account yesterday.