Merging the Russian and Polish servers with EU servers

We are currently in the process of finalizing the details for merging the the Russian/Polish servers ‘Two Eagles’ (PvP) and ‘Rothat’ (PvE) to EU servers of the same rulesets. This has been requested by many Polish and Russian players so we have been working on this behind the scenes and we are now very, very close to do that merge. All the necessary information and details will follow until next week.

Update 3.1

The first iteration of update 3.1 has been deployed to the test servers last Friday. Among other things, it includes various improvements to server performance and load balancing which should also improve performance in Raids and Siege PVP. In addition many changes to the wildlife and citylife in Khitai have been made to improve gameplay and player experience there. If you haven’t already, check the update out on the test servers.

Age of Conan Facebook Contest for Barbaric Prizes!

We've announced an Age of Conan contest for barbaric prizes on Facebook. Make sure you don't miss a thing, and get on Facebook for your chance to win cool prizes!

  • We are giving away a Grand Prize that includes a Lifetime Premium Subscription to Age of Conan: Unchained, 5000 Funcom Points and the exclusive opportunity to have an NPC named after one of your characters!
  • Five more lucky winners will receive The Ultimate Conan Fan Pack, which includes three rare mounts, a companion and 2500 Funcom points.
  • And, it doesn't stop there! 25 additional winners will receive 1000 Funcom Points as well!

Check out the official Age of Conan Facebook for more details and regulations on how you can win.