The Savage Coast of Turan

The Savage Coast of Turan opened its gates this week and many players already did journey to the city of Ardashir at the Vilayet Sea during the phase of early access. Both the Early Access Bonus pack and also the Jewels of Turan pack are still available. On the 8th of September everyone who purchases the Standard Pack will also be able to travel to Turan.

One question posted to the forums is about some of the potions included in the Jewel of Turan pack. The FAQ states that some potions are limited per character, meaning that if the for example available 30 potions of one kind are used up by one character, another character still has access to 30. That is correct for most of the potions. However there are other potions in the pack for example those that add Expertise AA points to a character. Those potions are per account, meaning all characters on the same account share these so once used on one character, they won't be available anymore for another. The information window that pops up in-game before claiming such a potion clearly states that too. Still we now added that additional info also to the FAQ.

Some players mentioned that they can't find a way to start their adventure on the pirate island Dead Man's Hand. Here's what you have to do: Witness one of the many attacks of the Kozaki at the gate of Ardashir. You will then get the chance to speak to Seargent Pirooz to start a quest line in which you will at some point also meet General Arman in Fort Ardashir. This is something the pirate Artus will be interested to speak about ... and then Dead Man's hand awaits.

There was also an issue with groups and raids sometimes being disbanded. We implemented a hofix for this last night that didn’t require a downtime on the game servers. So this issue should now be resolved.

Development Survey

If you haven't already, you should consider filling out the latest Age of Conan development survey where you can give your input on some of the possible things we could be working on, and what your opinions are in regards of what might be interesting for us to work on next. You find the survey at . And don't forget, we will also be rewarding five lucky people who respond before the 9th of September with 3000 Funcom Points each.