Q: How do I order my copy of the upcoming adventure pack?

You can pre-purchase your access to the Savage Coast of Turan from the in-game store.

Q: What are the differences between the Standard Edition and the Early Access Bonus pack?

The Standard Edition grants access for all your characters to the content in the Savage Coast of Turan pack. The Early Access Bonus pack provides you with an additional level 50 character slot (subject to the usual restrictions) and an additional character slot. The Early Access pack also gives you a head start on the Turan content, and you will have access to the content during the early access week starting August 31st.

Q: What is the Jewels of Turan pack?

To celebrate the upcoming launch of the Adventure pack we are already offering the Jewels of Turan pack, which offers a 60% discount of the combined costs of its content. There you will find all the benefits of the Early Access Bonus pack plus a selection of great items, including an exclusive Sand Demon pet that can only be attained through purchase of this fantastic sale pack! You will also get a great vanity armor set styled on Conan’s armor from the recent Conan the Barbarian movie.

Q: Do I need to purchase the Standard Edition or the Early Access Bonus pack if I purchase the Jewels of Turan pack?

No, part of the Jewels of Turan offer is the access itself, so you don’t need to purchase it separately.

Q: What if I change my mind and want the bonus pack after I have purchased the standard pack?

Once you have purchased the standard pack, an ‘upgrade option’ will appear in the in-game store for you to upgrade to the bonus pack. However it is slightly better value to have purchased the bonus pack in the first place.

Q: Can I access the Savage Coast of Turan content as a free player?

Free players as well as Premium members get access to the Turan content by purchasing one of the available packs (Standard Edition, Early Access Bonus pack or Jewels of Turan pack). Premium members can purchase these packs for a reduced price as compared to free players.

Q: Will there be a retail edition of the Adventure pack?

No, currently we are not offering any retail versions of the Adventure pack and the distribution is purely digital, through the in-game store.

Q: I noticed the Jewels of Turan pack includes Premium game time. Does this stack with my existing game-time?

Yes, the game-time will automatically be added to your current account time.

Q: Will the items from the Jewels of Turan pack be available for all of my characters on my account?

Yes, all of the items and bonuses can be used for every character on your account. Certain items like consumable potions will not replenish when they have been quaffed for the specific characters that use them. For example, if you claim the items on a existing character and use up all of the potions, then they are gone forever. However, if you make a new character, you can re-claim all of the items and bonuses for that character until they are gone.

However there are other potions in the pack for example those that add Expertise AA points to a character. Those potions are per account, meaning all characters on the same account share these so once used on one character, they won't be available anymore for another.

Q: When will I receive all of the other items in the Jewels of Turan pack?

Those items that are already in the game – The potions, camel mount and bag, will be available immediately upon your purchase, the remaining items – The Sand Demon pet and Conan’s Blademaster vanity armor set will be available on the launch of the early access on August 31st, 2011.

Q. What happens if the launch is delayed for technical reasons? Will we lose out on early access time?

No, should the worse happen and there are technical difficulties the early access week will be extended appropriately. Note there may be regular maintenance periods during the early access week that would not extend the time (unless they were deemed to be excessive and extra-ordinary, we would of course then also extend the early access period appropriately.)