Free and Premium Content Overview

What are the differences between the free and the Premium offering?
Please consult the chart below for the main differences between the free to play option and the Premium members option.

How do the character slots work after the hybrid model launches?
Free players can only make two characters by default, while Premium members get eight character slots. Returning customers get to keep the number of character slots they already had.

How many character slots can I have in total?
All accounts have a maximum limit of 18 slots.
Each account type starts with a basic number of slots (2 for free players, 8 for premium members). Any slots purchased in addition to this base will be added no matter what subscription type you currently use.

What happens if I go from Premium to free?
After downgrading from Premium to free, any characters in the slots beyond the two default ones can not be played, unless enough additional slots have been purchased from the item shop to compensate. Your characters will be there, but any beyond your two slots will be unplayable. You get to pick which characters will be your included slots once you downgrade to free.

What character classes are available to free players?
The following four classes are available for all players of ‘Age of Conan: Unchained’.

● Barbarian
● Demonologist
● Guardian
● Priest of Mitra

The following classes are only available to Premium members:

● Assassin
● Bear Shaman
● Conqueror
● Dark Templar
● Herald of Xotli
● Necromancer
● Ranger
● Tempest of Set

How much of the game can I actually play for free?
All outdoor playfields in Aquilonia, Cimmeria, and Stygia are available to all players.

How do I get access to the expansion content?
Access to the Khitai content is available via 'expansion passes' - granting access to all of the expansion areas and dungeons. Premium members who already bought the expansion have this enabled automatically. Subscribers who have not purchased the expansion before do not have access to this unless they buy 'expansion passes'. Free players have access to the 'Gateway to Khitai' unless they purchase 'expansion passes' to additional Khitai playfields and content.

Will we be able to play through all of the dungeon content?

Some of the instanced dungeon content will be completely free, and other will be accessed through new passes or expansion purchases.

Free dungeons:

● Tortage Underhalls (solo)
● Acheronian Ruins (solo)
● Bubshur House (solo)
● Abandoned Smuggler Tunnels (solo)
● The Maze (solo)
● Spider Caverns (solo)
● Border Ranges (solo)
● Outflow Tunnels (solo)
● Ice Cave (solo)
● Cannibal Cave (solo)
● Catacombs (group)
● Toirdealbach’s Tomb (group)
● Prison Colony (group)
● Scorpion Cave (group)
● Caravan Raider Camp (group)
● Atzel’s Fortress (group)
● Onyx Chambers (group)

Premium dungeons:
Access to Premium dungeons will work in several ways. Some access passes are a once off purchase, some allow access for a set duration, and some are linked to expansion content.

● Pyramid of the Ancients (solo) –permanent-only purchase
● Treasury of the Ancients (solo) –permanent-only purchase
● Villa Camillus, Amiel, Verde, Paetus, Lentulus (solo) –permanent-only purchase
● Slaughterhouse Cellar (solo)
● Attilius Mansion (solo) – permanent-only purchase
● Black Castle (group) – permanent-only purchase
● The Cradle of Decay (group) – permanent-only purchase
● Sanctum of the Burning Souls (group) – permanent-only purchase
● The Cistern (group) – permanent-only purchase
● Main System (group) – permanent-only purchase
● Ampitheater of Karutonia (group) – permanent-only purchase
● Halls of Eternal Frost (group)
● Imirian Ravine, Oasis of Zaara, Frost Swamp (group ACG)
● Xibaluku (group)
● Crow’s Nest (group)
● Iron Tower (group)
● Khitai Dungeons - accessed through Rise of the Godslayer expansion purchase

Can a free player take part in all the raids?
Free players may access the beginnings of raids and the raid equipment ladder, but they can’t complete tier 1 without switching to Premium access or purchasing entry to more raids, which will be available in the item store.

Free raids:

● Kylikki’s Crypt
● Yakhmar’s Cave

Premium raids:

● Vistrix's Lair
● Black Ring Citadel (all wings)
● Thoth-Amon’s Stronghold
● All raids in Khitai

Can a free player take part in Sieges?
Free players may purchase time-limited passes to the zones related to sieges (Bori and Borderlands), while Premium members may participate in as many sieges as they like, whenever they like.

How much personal bank space does a free player get?
Free players get access to half of the bank slots that are available to Premium members. In the future, further bank and/or inventory slots will be available for purchase.

Do free players earn Guild Renown?
All players may contribute Valor, Glory, and Artistry to their guilds, regardless of their subscription status.

Do free players gain Alternative Advancement (AA) points?
Free players may not earn AA points, even if they are level 80. These are only available to Premium members. Free players can however purchase items to enable AA point gain in the item shop.

Are there limits to which Mount Training can be done on a free account?
Free players may only ride the horses which require the Basic Riding skill by default. Premium members retain all their mount abilities and may learn to ride swift horses, armored horses, mammoths, rhinos, tigers and wolves as usual.