As mentioned last week, we are getting update 2.1.2 ready for the live servers. So far it is looking good for next week but as always, this depends on the final testing going on today and tomorrow.

This update will not include any of the Dreamworld Integration changes but will rather contain some fixes we want to get out to the live servers while the engine improvements are kept on being tested on the test servers. Some of the planned fixes in update 2.1.2 are changes to some of the Guardian combos, a few tweaks to the PvP minigames and also correcting an issue with OutOfCombat regeneration not always working correctly on some occasions. We will let you know as soon as we have all the details about the status of update 2.1.2.

The rest of the focus is firmly on the Integration version testing. The new render clients are doing well, and the performance there is steadily improving. We will see a much better versions of both the DX9 and DX10 clients in this update. The render elements aren't the only part of the update and there are also a number of other important areas that have significant updates in progress. In particular we are looking at the memory handling, and improving things for users on 32 bit systems. The technology update is not just about ensuring things look good as they can, but it is also about ensuring we work on the performance as well. There is another wave of performance improvements for 32 bit systems rolling onto the test servers shortly, so that's a focus that will also continue through the rest of this testing cycle.

Remember you can check out the updates for yourself on the test server.