• Distraction will no longer cause non soldier classes and soldiers not in defensive stance to get the increase hate from Cover of Dusk.

  • Guild events: Participants who log out or leave during a guild event will no longer be called on as an insult target or to become Ymirish.
  • Guild renown: Architect Tavern plans now match the intended renown level (3/11/16).

PvP Minigames
  • Players should no longer get teleported out when joining a minigame that is in progress.
  • Fixed a servercrash related to minigames.

  • Resolved an issue where characters attempting to sit on chairs would sit on the ground.
  • The rubberbanding issues introduced in the latest update should be fixed.
  • Dances can be used in combat again (therefore also again in the Cavern of Malice).