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Thread: Known Issue - Seasonal Event Quest "Souls of the Damned" - RESOLVED

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    Funcom Known Issue - Seasonal Event Quest "Souls of the Damned" - RESOLVED


    As we head into the seasonal events please note the following:

    The seasonal event quest "Souls of the Damned" leads players to the Oasis of Zaara. There is a known issue that players are not allowed to enter the Oasis (the error message is "This entrance is only available with the appropriate quest.") We are working on a solution to this. As a workaround, players have to accept any other quest related to the Oasis of Zaara which are available from NPCs close to the entrance. With that, players can enter the Oasis and continue the "Souls of the Damned" quest.
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    This issue has been resolved with update
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